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Question Of The Month Reader Responses: Issue #268

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jul 07, 2015 at 09:01 AM

In issue 266 we asked readers what Star Wars character deserves their own game and why. While iconic characters like Boba Fett and Han Solo earned their share of fan love, the most popular character was a complete surprise. Here are some of the responses.

A Droid In Demand:

  • I'd like to see just about the only character to star in every Star Wars movie to finally get his due: R2-D2! The game would be first-person (or rather first-droid) point-of-view to heighten the feeling that you are R2 and not just following him around. It would be largely a combination of a puzzle game and a whodunnit/problem-solving game, as that is what astromechs do: fix things and get their masters out of hot water. Sure, there'd be the occasional chance for R2 to zap a bad guy with his arc welder or maybe even set stuff on fire with his retro rockets (ala Star Wars Episode II), but most of the time you wouldn't be dealing out violence. For example, your master, (I think it would be interesting to make your master Wedge Antillies, since we see so little of him in the movies and TV shows) is helping you pilot an X-Wing fighter, but he's managed to get the stabilizers fried by failing to avoid enemy fire. Can you, as R2-D2, fix the stabilizers before the TIE fighters close in and blow you up?

    John Enfield 
  • I feel that a really fun and unique Star Wars game would be through the perspective of everyone's favorite little droid, R2-D2. It would be a puzzle game in which you use R2's arsenal of tools and tricks to rescue his friend C-3PO from the evil clutches of the Empire, set between episodes III and IV. It would be a little more light-hearted and comical, and would probably be a pack-in game rather than a standalone title (much like the original Portal). It could even feature co-op for even greater challenges between friends. It would focus on problem-solving, hacking, tool-collecting, and of course, R2's never-ending stream of bleeped-out vulgarity.

    Korbin Keller
  • I want to see R2-D2 star in a puzzle game, where he humbly hacks devices and floats from place to place. The twist? There’s a battle going on in each level, such as a gunfight or a clash between Jedi, and you have to solve the puzzles while trying to avoid being destroyed.

    Martin Johnson
  • R2-D2. He would be really cool to see in a game. I know he's a kind of cliché character, but whatever. The game could go many different ways. A way that I would like to see is Portal 2-style levels, where R2 has just been built and he's being tested upon by his creators in a laboratory.

    Derek Sampaga

The Hunt Is On:

  • Obviously Boba Fett has to be the most popular answer to this question. He's got it all: picking up bounties as side quests, his jetpack, loads of weapons, his back story and level tie-ins throughout all movies. The level where he gets eaten by the sarlacc would be insane. Actually, can someone just make this?

    Benjamin Newby
  • The one Star Wars character I would like to see in his own video game would be Boba Fett. Think about it: A bounty hunter simulator set in an open-world FPS where you travel throughout the galaxy tracking down bounties, upgrading your gear, exploring the different planets, seeing the criminal underbelly of the galaxy, customizing your weapons, and chasing after bounties. That would be an amazing game. If that became a game, it would be a day-one purchase for me.

    Bryan Johnson  
  • I think a dungeon crawler with Metroid-style gameplay starring Boba Fett would be awesome. It'd be about him venturing through the sarlacc pit after being swallowed by it, and then eventually escaping. He is alive, after all. Right?

    Austin Michelson

A Solo Co-op Game:

  • I think that a Han Solo and Chewbacca game would be great – like a third-person shooter with some Millennium Falcon flying sequences (like destroying the Death Star). However, the best part would be the couch co-op; it would hopefully be like Goldeneye, and you could play as Han, Chewy, Luke, Leia, Lando, Finn (from Star Wars VII), and Rey (also from Star Wars VII). Also, maybe a generic stormtrooper and rebel soldier.

    Finnegan Clisham
  • I think a game with Han Solo and Chewbacca would be great. It could take aspects from games like The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, The Last Of Us, and maybe Dishonored, making for a game heavy on stealth, yet with lots of action, and maybe even a co-op mode!

    Rick Dunn
  • I would love to see Han Solo (and Chewie) in a third-person shooter/adventure game, similar to Uncharted. It would have to contain some epic flying sequences in the Millennium Falcon. There is a host of Star Wars (Legend) story lines that involve Han Solo, and of course there could be guest appearances by your favorite Star Wars characters.

    Ryan Chaffee

Calling All Darths:

  • I want a Star Wars game centered around Darth Vader. Since he first emerged through the Tantive IV blast doors, he has been the most bad-ass Star Wars character in the franchise (sorry, Maul). However, how did he transition from whiny brat in Episode III to the Dark Lord of the Sith we know and love? My game would feature the sith training of Vader. It would be an RPG where you level him up and learn new skills in your path down the Dark Side. You would be able to choose your own missions. Should you hunt down the remaining Jedi? Should you squash that uprising on Coruscant? Or should you pursue ancient Sith relics in the hopes of gaining greater power to defeat your master? The choices and story behind the rise of Vader is yours!

    Korbin Keller
  • Looking at the Star wars universe, I believe fans would absolutely love a game based on Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious. The history of the Sith is amazing!

    Riccardo Jefferson
  • If I could pick a Star Wars character to be in his own game, it would have to be Darth Plagueis. I loved the book so it was an obvious choice for me. The gameplay would feature a mix of gameplay elements from the Metal Gear franchise and Knights of the Old Republic. Very much a stealthy, yet action-packed game.

    Jake Lipton
  • I would choose Darth Bane. It would be an RPG trilogy that reenacts his rise to the true dark Lord, and his reign. a third-person perspective would be best, as you can do more stylistic fighting and get a good feel of the character. The combat system would be similar to the Batman Arkham games. Armor and weapons would be customizable. The second game could have customizable upgrades to the insect armor. It's got great possibility and a huge, unexplored story.

    Jeffrey Holdenreid

Definitely Not Canon:

  • I want a Jabba the Hutt strategy game where you manage an entire intergalactic crime syndicate. You could choose where to send illegal goods, which smugglers you would hire, and how to smuggle contraband into planets. You would also compete with other crime lords and manage your estate as you fight to become the biggest crime lord in the galaxy.

    Louis Chiarito
  • I would want to see Lando Calrissian star in his own game – a Tycoon-style, property-acquisition-and-management game chronicling his rise to prominence in Cloud City.

    Flynn Jones
  • I would love a game where you play as Obi-Wan after he's dropped off Luke on Tatooine. It would be a Red Dead Redemption-style action RPG where you find out how he learns to commune with Qui-Gon. It would feature lots of beautiful locales and inner monologues and solitude, like Jedi version of Journey.

    Frederick Hobgood
  • Admiral Akbar, duh. It would be a Star Wars version of Battle Stations Midway where you get to command the Rebel fleet against the Empires star destroyers. It would be called, It's A Trap! 

    Josh Jensen


  • I want to see a game about the storm trooper that hit his head on the Death Star.  

    Eric Hurst

Meesa See What Yoosa Did There:

  • I think the full depth of Jar Jar was never been fully explored. The game could be an origin story, where you start off as a tadpole or whatever the hell their young are. You could even implement the Kinect's motion sensors to teach Jar Jar how to flail his arms as he grows up and use voice commands to teach him famous quips such as "Meesa scared!" and his most memorable line, "Aaaaaaaah!"

    Steven Bender

What Star Wars character do you think is worthy of their own video game? Share your pick in the comments below!