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A Closer Look At Dead Space 3's Feeders

by Ben Reeves on Jul 20, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Feeders are a type of necromorph that are created when a human eats the corrupted flesh of a dead necromorph. The old colonists of Tau Volantis were isolated for so long that they eventually resorted to this sick form of cannibalism and slowly mutated into feeders. Get a closer look at these unique enemies in this exclusive screen gallery.

The feeders that inhabit the Way Station have been trapped in the dark so long that bright lights hurt their eyes. They navigate through sound and attack in waves when startled. Isaac has a couple options when approaching a nest of feeders. If he has enough resources, he can attempt charge head first into their numbers and hope to come out ahead when the smoke clears, or he can try to sneak by, even throwing objects across the room to lead a feeder off his scent. A smart player will scope out the environment and lay a few traps before he picks a fight with a feeder, because once enraged feeders send out a call to its entire brood and the hordes comes streaming in through every doorway, vent, and grate in the room.

Get a glimpse for how feeders attack in the screen gallery below.