Before next week's one-two punch of Grand Theft Auto V and the Tokyo Game Show, why not look back on some of this week's biggest news. Whether it's hardware or software you're most interested in, it was an exciting week.

Sony steals the spotlight with the Vita TV and questions about gameplay capture on the PlayStation 4.

We covered Sony extensively this week. It started off overnight on Monday with the company's pre-TGS press conference. In addition to the Japanese PlayStation 4 release date (surprisingly on February 22, 2014), we were introduced to the Vita TV. The device is a living room microconsole that will cost approximately $100. It's only been announced for Japan and other Asian markets, but we suspect it might arrive on our shores next year. 

Sony's selling point in Japan is that the device plays select Vita games, PSP titles, and Vita-capable PSN games  on the television. The Vita TV will also feature the Vita handheld's ability to access PlayStation 4 content via remote play. You can read more on the Vita TV and my thoughts on how Sony can make the device a hit here in North America.

Sony was also in the news because of its lack of clarity around how the PlayStation 4 will handle external capture devices. The concern from the YouTube community is that the PlayStation 3's HDMI output is encoded with high-definition digital content protection (HDCP). YouTubers got around that this generation by grabbing video and audio through the AV port. The PlayStation 4 won't have one of those, and the company hasn't committed to removing HDCP. This could be a big issue for YouTubers and for Sony. Find out why in a lengthy opinion piece on the subject.


Microsoft's 360 library has a giant, first-party shaped hole this fall.

Microsoft had a quieter week, but news yesterday that Fable Anniversary will miss its fall 2013 release is troublesome. The company doesn't have any first-party titles on tap for the Xbox 360 this holiday season.

Last week, Microsoft pledged to support the Xbox 360 for another three years. Chief marketing and strategy officer Yusuf Mehdi stated that the publisher plans to ship another 100 games on Xbox 360. Unfortunately, it won't be publishing any of them this fall, during the first crucial overlap season with the Xbox One. 

Certainly the focus is on the new console, but it's hard to reconcile three more years of support with an absence of new games coming from first-party studios this fall. Here's hoping that this is just a hiccup and that those planning to hold off on upgrading from 360 to Xbox One aren't left in the lurch.


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