PlayJam have announced an official release date for the GameStick micro-console, which lets you play Android-based games on your TV. The device is coming next month.

GameStick will hit store shelves on October 29 for $79.99, but before then, backers of the Kickstarter project will get theirs at the end of this month.

Taking a dig at the Ouya, PlayJam's press release says, "the company has pushed back launch twice to meet its own stringent QA targets and to ensure its Kickstarter backers were the first to take delivery of the product before it hits the shelves."

For more the GameStick, check out Ben Reeve's hands-on with the product.


Our Take:
Even if the GameStick benefits from a better launch than the Ouya, I'm skeptical how well the micro-console will fare – even if the price is nice. Not being able to support Android games with touchscreen functionality is a loss, further segmenting a potential buying audience that is already shrunk down simply because I don't think a lot of people feel the need to play games from their phone on their TV.