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Atlus Drops New AquaPazza Screens, Announces Release Date

Atlus has already announced that it was bringing the anime-inspired fighting game AquaPazza to North America in 2013, but the publisher has now firmed up the release date. They've also released a batch of new screens.

AquaPazza will be arriving on PlayStation 3 exclusively on November 19, both in stores and through the PlayStation Network, for $29.99. Regardless of which route you take, the game includes all of the content from the Japanese arcade game through version 2.01. That includes 13 playable characters (with their original Japanese voice acting), partner assists, time-attack modes, and more.

Take a look at the gallery below for more shots of the game in action.

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  • Mod
    Isn't this the second Atlus exclusive to be announced for the PS3 in a couple of days? Very interesting.
  • Mod
    I love Atlus. You know you're in for a unique experience when their name is on it.

    I've said it before, but I'll forever be endeared to them for localizing Demon's Souls here. If it wasn't for them, I'd never had played From Software's masterpiece.

    I hope we hear soon who(if anyone)has acquired them.
  • I just picked up Chaos Code and now I have this to look forward too. My fighting game thrist is being quenched non-stop!
  • This game looks really pretty, but that's most Atlus games, they usually fall off sharply from there.

    Made a few good games, but for me at least, Atlus games are 75% pretty flash, 25% actually gameplay substance.
  • Ever since persona 2 for the ps1 atlus has been gaining more and more love. Also company reminds me of working design , I miss that company

  • This is old news, really -- but for all of you folks stateside, this is pretty awesome. AquaPazza has been in the arcades centers in Japan for nearly 2 years. It is interesting to watch the locals play it, as there are some who can really dominate. It's kind of a mix between Guilty Gear, and Blaz Blue for those interested.
  • ah some characters from tears of tiara!

  • Happy to hear a release date! I definitely want to pick this up.

  • Where's the 360 love at?

  • Looks pretty sweet.

  • interesting great fight anime

  • I'm sorry but a 30 bucks for a game that will probably be dead within a few weeks is a bit too much.

  • Meh. It looks pretty okay, art & animation-wise. But I don't see why you'd ever play this over Skullgirls, King of Fighters XIII, a Guilty Gear/Blazblue, or Persona Arena. Games with GORGEOUS high-res sprites, and in the cases of Skullgirls & KOFXIII, beautiful film-quality animation. All those fighters also have much healthier communities than a niche title like this, no doubt, will. I hope Atlus has realistic expectations for this; there's no way this will sell a lot. I'm surprised it's not digital only... glad it's not though. There's plenty of reasons to get physical copies still.