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Atlus' New Fighting Game Headed To PS3

Japanese 2D arcade fighting game AquaPazza is coming to North America via Atlus. The game released in 2011 in arcades and was later ported to PlayStation 3 in 2012. Atlus is working with the original developer, Examu, and publisher, AquaPlus. 

Atlus promises "13 playable characters, 13 partners, and 1 secret character," and local and online multiplayer. The release date is a vague 2013 at this point, but the price is already set at $29.99. AquaPazza will release both at retail and digitally on the PlayStation Network.

  • Why don't we know who bought them yet? Ugh...
  • Day 1 purchase.

  • Art style looks cool and it has an awesome name. Hopefully it has a semi decent story mode, since I don't do a lot of online play, but at $30 I may pick it up anyway.

  • Love the title. It's Italian for Crazy Water. (actual spelling Acqua Pazza in Italian).
  • I'll have to get it at that price. I also enjoy knowing where all of the characters come from. ^_^

  • Glad to know the price. Thanks.
  • I know this characters... because of reasons... I will want to try this one out
  • I fear for atlus. I really hope they fall into the right hands.

  • Well... It's Atlus, how bad can it be?

  • So, Atlus is making a fighting game for the PS3 that is about the same price as Killer Instinct, but with more characters and it's actually a complete game? Okiedoke.
  • Guess I gotta watch the animes associated with this game now, so I know who I'm playing as.

  • Day 1 purchase.

  • its from atlus, therefore, SOLD!

  • devil survivor 2 3ds please

  • I thought it said local online multiplayer and was really confused. Lesson learned: never read.... i think.

  • This looks to be an interesting fighting game.
  • This looks to be an interesting fighting game.
  • I see at least 3 characters there. It's probably some sort of "character rush" or tag attack or something, but it would be much more interesting if this did 4 player fighting. As it stands, I can't see what's so special about efforts like this.

    I mean, games like Skullgirls, King of Fighters XIII, Blazblue and Guilty Gear Xrd have all raised the bar SUBSTANTIALLY in the 2D fighter genre. And if you want to make a "lower tier" fighting space, for games like this, Yatagarasu and Arcana Hearts 3 to operate in, you're gonna have to do so at a lower price point than $30, Atlus. Skullgirls is $15 for chrissakes'. I bought Yatagarasu in a Doujin bundle for $1. This thing looks like it should be no more than $20, I'm sorry.

    But I'll keep an open mind because they're Atlus. Not everything they publish is a winner, but they do have an eye for promising & awesome games most of the time.

    Also, I wish Japanese devs would come up with some new 3D fighters. It's all Tekken and Street Fighter these days. What happened to days when you could be surprised by stuff like Power Stone, Bloody Roar, Fighter's Destiny or Last Bronx? I know 3D is harder to do; I'd still like to see some new 3D fighters in this space. Or even a reboot of a more obscure game (like the aforementioned Last Bronx) - sort of like with the new Killer Instinct, and how it feels pretty fresh & removed from the original titles?

  • This is so totally wicked in a great way to have a ported Japan based fighting game arriving for the PS3 before next year. ^_^

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