Video Games Live's Kickstarter campaign has ended today, raising more than $35,000 over its funding goal. The money will go toward recording a studio album of gaming music.

"Thank-you all from the top & bottom of my heart!" wrote VGL founder Tommy Tallarico in the most recent Kickstarter update. "You have made the dreams of many come true!  And the only way I can thank-you enough is by working as hard as I did over the past month to ensure this album and project are as mind-blowing as possible!  My goal (and reward to everyone involved) is to get this album at the top of the Billboard Charts!  We all deserve bragging rights...and I will work my hardest to deliver!"

The campaign ended at $285,081, with an initial goal of $250,000. If you missed out, it's not too late to back the project. Tallarico is offering digital-only tiers on the VGL site.

To learn more about Video Games Live and the Level 3 project, check out Mike Futter's feature.


Our Take
This one came down to the wire, but in the end Tallarico was able to persuade enough backers. Congrats to all involved.