The classic puzzle game, which was released for PlayStation Mobile in 2012, is coming to the Vita in a new form.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, developer d3t Ltd.'s Jaime Campbell revealed that the company is bringing a touch-screen focused version of Lemmings to the Vita. The studio has retooled the game for Vita. Campbell writes, "We've spent endless days working on a new presentation of the in-game HUD to make sure you have the perfect interface for Lemmings command and control. A pop-up radial menu frees up screen space so you can spend more time drooling over the magnificent landscapes that have been created to make the most out of that luscious PS Vita screen."

Lemmings Touch for Vita will feature new environments, including Candy Land (shown above) and a space-themed level filled with UFOs and rockets as well as  new objects and trampolines and cannons. Campbell also teased some new traits for the lemmings themselves: "There's also a twist: not all Lemmings are quite what they seem. Stay tuned for future announcements and we will reveal more!"

No word yet on a release date. The announcement trailer below should give you a good idea of what to expect from the game.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

Our Take:
I've not played Lemmings for smartphone, but the series is one of those, like Tetris, where I just assume it will be a reasonable amount of fun on any platform as long as its implemented correctly. D3t Ltd. seems to have a good background, so I trust then can do it right.