Today at Apple's Press Conference, Epic Games and Chair Entertainment made it official that Infinity Blade III is in the works.

Infinity Blade III launches with the iPhone 5C on September 20 and is the conclusion to the trilogy. 

The game has up to eight worlds and you play as two different characters.

The areas are bigger than anything Epic Games has previously done and they were also able to add four times the detail to elements, such as dragons.

Epic Games demoed how fast the areas can transition from one to another. 

"Converting games to 64-bit is usually a painful process, but with Apple it took 2 hours," says Epic Games co-founder Donald Mustard. 

Are you excited for another Infinity Blade game? What did you think of the first two?



Our Take
The Infinity Blade games have been well-received and some of the best games to hit the iOS. The announcement of another one is great news. I'm sure having it launch with the iPhone 5 will be a nice perk for those looking to test out games on the new hardware.