Lead designer at CCP Games for EVE Online, Kristoffer Touborg, recently announced that he will be relocating to Dublin to begin working with Riot Games on League of Legends.

Touborg made the announcement of his career change on Facebook where he expressed a great appreciation for the opportunty to work on EVE, but said, "You can’t do the same thing forever though and I feel like after more than five years, it’s time to try something new."

In his announcement Touborg said that League of Legends is one of his favorite games and offered these parting words: "To everyone at CCP, it’s been wonderful and I would happily do it all over again. To everyone at Riot, I’ll see you soon."

[Source: Facebook, via Polygon]


Our Take
I imagine its not very difficult for Riot Games to convince talented designers to come work with them. League of Legends' widespread success is impressive. The game has millions of active players, and doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.