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Kimberley Wallace

Features Editor

Kimberley discovered her passion for games at an early age, forming a love for RPGs. A University of Iowa graduate with degrees in Journalism and English, she knew that combining games and writing was the only way to go for her career. Previously a freelance writer, Kimberley's work has been featured in Official Xbox Magazine, GamesRadar, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and Joystiq. She strives to showcase the positive influence of games, something she has first-hand experience with, having games as a part of her pain management for a chronic illness. Besides her life revolving around cutscenes, she's also an avid hockey fan. Sorry, Minnesota – the Blackhawks will forever own her heart.

cover reveal

Cover Reveal – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

BioWare is keeping Commander Shepard’s story alive with a much-requested remaster. Our latest issue details the promising enhancements to the trilogy, the unexpected challenges, and why Mass Effect 1 got the biggest facelift.