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Blake Hester

Senior Associate Editor

Blake Hester has been writing about the video game industry since 2015. Before joining Game Informer he freelanced for outlets such as Polygon, Vice, USG, and Rolling Stone. His stories tend to focus on the behind-the-scenes aspects of game development not often told and the people behind the products. He also loves Tony Hawk's Underground more than anyone on Earth and can and will beat you in a high score contest. 


Please Stop Slowing Doom Down

Anything but speed in the new Doom games is antithetical to the experience it’s pitching its players. So why does the new Doom DLC keep slowing me down?

The Top 5 PlayStation Start-Up Sounds

After much consideration, deliberation, and pontification, we here at Game Informer are proud to bring you the definitive list of the five best PlayStation start-up sounds of all time.