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Week In Review: 07/02

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jul 03, 2010 at 05:00 AM

This week we rolled out a bunch of original features to complement a surprisingly eventful news cycle. It's time for the Week in Review!

Here were this week's top ten Game Informer exclusives:

Impulse Hub Is Live:
Miller has been covering downloadable games for quite some time, but as their popularity grows, so does our coverage. This week we launched our new Impulse hub, which compiles all of our downloadable game coverage in one easy to find location. Check it out now!

The Future According To Video Games:
Want to know what the future holds? Forget Nostradamus – he ain't got nothing on our very own Annette Gonzalez. This week Annette looked into her crystal ball to see what grim fate humanity can expect. And by crystal ball, I mean the back stories of some of the craziest video games she could dig up in the vault. All I can say is I hope I don't live to the year "15 Million Billion."

Where Red Dead Should Go Next: A GI Editor Roundtable:
When a great game like Red Dead Redemption comes out, we at GI can't help but discuss what we'd like to see from future titles in the series. Check out our ideas for where Rockstar could take the franchise, then tell us how stupid we are in the comments section.

Special Edition Podcast: Infamous 2:
You know the drill: we asked you to tell us everything you want to know about the game on last month's cover, Infamous
2. You told us. And now we supply the answers. Capisci?

Ten Franchises That Deserve A Sequel:
In light of the surprise announcements of new Donkey Kong Country, Mortal Kombat, and Twisted Metal games at this year's E3, Dan put together a list of other classic franchises that are worthy of a current gen sequel. I'm sure he would have made a Kid Icarus joke in there, but Nintendo pretty much ruined that ongoing joke, didn't they?

A Look Back At 3D Console Gaming:
If you're tired of hearing about how 3D is the future of video games, consider this: Developers have been making this promise for more than 20 years. This week GI's handsomest editor took a look back at the highs and lows of stereoscopic gaming.

LEGO Games We'd Like To See:
Are you tired of the countless LEGO games on the market? We're not, and we compiled a list of franchises that would be pretty sweet in block form.

Tidbits: What You Didn't Know About Singularity:
It's been forever since we've brought you a new Tidbits article, but we're back with a worthy candidate: Singularity is a solid new shooter that hasn't gotten nearly the amount of attention it deserves. Check out this list of fun facts to find out what the hell "Zeksual Healing" means.

Hands-On With Red Dead's Outlaws To The End Expansion:
Just when we were finishing up Rockstar's epic open world western, there's more content to digest in the form of six new co-op missions. How are they? Read our hands-on impressions to find out.

An Unofficial OnLive Review:
In case you don't know him, Sean Lowery is our resident software engineer. When he's not fixing the staff's computer-related mistakes (and believe me, we make plenty of them), Sean plays video games like the rest of us. Recently he's been checking out OnLive and he wrote up an in-depth blog post about all the things he likes and doesn't like about the fledgling service.

And now here are the top 45 news stories from the week:

  1. Dead Rising 2 Delayed
  2. Bungie Pondered Halo 4 Before Working On Reach
  3. New King's Quest Not Dead, Coming In July
  4. Red Faction Coming To XBLA/PSN Before Armageddon
  5. Shuhei Yoshida: More HD Collections On The Horizon
  6. Medal Of Honor Interviews Are Top Secret
  7. Daily DS Play Saves Boy's Eyesight
  8. Enslaved's Exclusive Preorder Costumes Revealed
  9. More To Tetris Than Meets The Eye
  10. Pokémon Black/White Trailer Has 3-On-3 Battles, New Critters
  11. PSN Update 3.40 Adds Video Editing, Content Ratings, More
  12. Kid Icarus: Uprising To Avoid Shooter Pitfalls
  13. Nomura: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Scenario Is Complete
  14. Game Critic Awards Reveal Their Best of E3 Nominations
  15. UPDATE: Molyneux's Milo Not For This Holiday
  16. Metro 2033 Sequel Confirmed
  17. Ubisoft Reveals Details On Upcoming Rabbids Party Game
  18. BlackLight: Tango Down Brings Big Multiplayer For Small Price
  19. Hulu Plus Beaming TV To PS3, Xbox 360, and iPad
  20. Portal 2 Videos Show Off Faith Plates And Excursion Tunnels
  21. Does Kinect Only Support Two Players?
  22. Runic Finally Talking About Torchlight MMO
  23. Hulu On PlayStation 3 For PSN Plus Subscribers Only
  24. New Tomb Raider To Hit November 2011?
  25. Hoard Brings Dragon Flight To PSN
  26. World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm Beta Beginning
  27. Sony Details Move Launch Software
  28. Medal Of Honor Beta Delayed (Again) For 360
  29. Analyst: Kinect To Make "Negligible Impact"
  30. Roger Ebert's Candid Admission
  31. NBC Creating Primetime Video Game Show?
  32. Listen To Ken Levine Chat With Todd Howard
  33. Intellivision Cake Looks Playable...But Not Edible
  34. John Marston's Badassery Memorialized In Fan Art
  35. "Something Big Is Happening" In Team Fortress 2
  36. Racing Games Of May Fail To Make NPD Top Ten
  37. Adorable Borderlands LEGOs Bring Game Informer's Productivity To A Halt
  38. How "Friendly To WoW Players" Is Too Friendly For Warhammer 40,000 MMO?
  39. Miyamoto Hints At New Nintendo Character
  40. Red Dead Redemption Cleans Up In May NPDs [UPDATED]
  41. David Cage Wanted To Make Heavy Rain DLC
  42. The Bulletstorm Demo You Have To See Again
  43. Pachter Says Publishers Are Jumping Off Wii Bandwagon
  44. Portal 2 Could Be The Greatest Game Ever Made
  45. Pachter: Recent Racing Games Run Out Of Gas

Be sure to check out this week's regular features: Replay, featuring Batman Returns; The Game Informer Show, covering Singularity and E3's underrated games; Respec Radio, covering the MMOs of E3; and The[Crafty]Gamer, featuring David Stonecipher's video game/Lost crossover art. Check out what the GI staff and the community are up to in this week's editions of Weekend Warrior and Blog Herding. Enjoy the long holiday weekend!