Roast pesky knights, kidnap princesses, and gather treasure in this upcoming PlayStation 3 release.

Big Sandwich Games is preparing this downloadable PlayStation Network title, which will also appear on PSP, for a release this September. We got to play the arcade-like action game at E3, and enjoyed the simple and fast-paced tone of the title, especially when played with friends. Being a marauding dragon isn't bad, either.

Hoard casts the player as a dragon that is eager to expand his territory and pile of treasure. To do so, you'll fly out and about the countryside, breathing fire on passing merchant wagons, setting fire to nearby cities, and kidnapping local princesses. Of course, do so and you'll attract the attention of the area's greatest and most pesky knights, who will seek out your lair and try to steal the poor damsels back. Eventually, you'll have to contend with dangerous wizards, giants, and even other dragons.

The game has an overhead view that gives an excellent perspective on the surrounding countryside. In our time playing the game, we found the controls to be responsive and easy to utilize. Little about the visuals stands out, but the colorful environments and many moving characters on the ground help to bring the world to life. Hoard will include dozens of levels to play through, and your dragon will upgrade as you increase his wealth.  The game ends up being a pretty familiar collect-a-thon, but the overlay of the dragon conceit gives a humorous and original vibe to the gameplay.

Undoubtedly, the coolest aspect of the game are the local and online multiplayer options, which include a number of different modes. One focuses on building the biggest treasure pile (you can steal from enemy dragons as they haul treasure back home), while another mode challenges players to compete for princess captures.

We only had a brief time to play the game at the show. We'll keep an eye out for how Hoard develops in the months leading up to its fall release