After the sad news that Activision had killed Phoenix Online Studios' fan-made King's Quest sequel, it looked as though adventure fans would never see the royal family of Daventry again. Thankfully, Activision has apparently had a change of heart; The Silver Lining will be released as a series of free downloadable episodes.

The first episode, entitled "What Is Decreed Must Be," will release on July 10. The game's overall story features King Graham trying to save his children from a curse. Along the way, he'll visit familiar places from previous games (the Land of the Green Isles appears to figure prominently in the first episode), as well as meet some new characters.

Phoenix Online Studios hasn't specified the release dates for subsequent episodes in the series beyond claiming they will hit "throughout 2010." That's great news for King's Quest fans; we're glad Phoenix and Activision were able to work out their differences.