How Naughty Dog Is Enhancing The Last of Us: Part II’s Combat

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Control Feels Like The Ultimate Realization Of Remedy's Vision

We get a look at Remedy's mind-warping shooter, Control, and talk to creative director Sam Lake about the ambitious project.
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Five Ways Dying Light 2 Is A Bigger, Better, And More Intense Sequel

Techland’s open-world parkour zombie series is mutating into a whole new beast thanks to some big improvements and ambitious additions. Here’s what fans can expect.
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Overkill Is Killing It With The Walking Dead

I don’t have long. I’m being attacked by a zombie, but here are some details about The Walking Dead.
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What We Loved From Just Cause 4’s Stupid Demo

Avalanche has created its most delightfully chaotic sandbox yet, and the two Jeffs couldn’t be happier.
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Dead Or Alive 6 Puts Fighting Back In Focus And Lowers The Skill Ceiling

We went hands-on with the newest Dead or Alive game and played with its newest mechanics.
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My Hero One's Justice Should Probably Be Held Back

The first North American My Hero Academia video game underwhelms for its first hands-on.
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The Surge 2 Is One Of E3’s Biggest Surprises

Here’s the lowdown on how this sequel is a drastic improvement
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Mavericks: Proving Grounds Is An Ambitious-As-Hell Battle Royale With MMO Aspirations

Mavericks is the next game to compete in the very competitive Battle Royale genre. It is talking a big game, and in some cases, even calling out what will likely be its direct competitor, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.
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Schoolyard Arguments Find Resolution In Jump Force

We went hands-on with the Shonen Jump crossover fighting game.
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Generation Zero Is A Game You Should Keep Your Eye On

This co-op horror shooter from the makers of Just Cause has us more than a little intrigued.
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Political Intrigue And Supernatural Beasts Collide In GreedFall

A new action RPG from developer Spiders puts diplomacy front and center – when you’re not being mauled by massive creatures, that is.
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Project 1v1 Is A Quake III-Style Shooter With An Old-School Arcade Twist

Gearbox’s new first-person competitive shooter is fast and frantic, but you’ll have to win if you want to keep playing.
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Exploring The Depths Of Starlink: Battle For Atlas

There's more to this game than just the plastic toys.
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Check Your Expectations – Blades Isn't The Full Elder Scrolls Package

Blades has some obvious limitations, but may still speak to a certain type of Elder Scrolls fan.
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Why Ghost Of Tsushima Is A Bold New Direction For The Creators Of Infamous

Ghost of Tsushima is incredibly grounded, but that seems to be to the game’s benefit.
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Lara Has Some Devious New Tools In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

When you’re outnumbered, why not turn your enemies against one another?
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A Deep Dive On Destiny 2: Forsaken’s New Bow

We went hands-on with the bow, and got exclusive info and video of the new weapon archetype in action, directly from Bungie.
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5 Reasons Tetris Effect Might Be The Umpteenth Time You Buy Tetris

Tetris Efffect is basically a Lumines sequel where you play Tetris instead, and it's great.
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Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Wisely Builds On Strong Foundations

A new, expansive combat system makes Ori's platforming delights even more engrossing
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