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Blog Herding: Community Edition 08/16/12

by Game Informer Staff on Aug 16, 2012 at 06:00 AM

Summer is winding down but it isn't over yet. Before the Back to School commotion gets you down, take a minute to enjoy the latest round of video game related blogs, podcasts and reviews provided courtesy of the Game Informer Online user community.

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: August 06 – August 12, 2012
Number of User Blogs: 126
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Number of User Blogs Herded: 12

Community Events:

Team GIO is currently ranked 1st on the Extra Life top teams chart. If you want to help keep them there and are interested in contributing contact Mojomonkey12 or Noobtubin8er.

Community Blogs:

Where For Art Thou Couch Co-Op?
As more games drop the two-player local cooperative mode, Jolt the Cynic reminisces over a few games he has fond memories of playing in “couch co-op”.

The Doomsday Of Video Games?
After coming off a stellar year of video game releases and sales in 2011, alex720 contrasts it with this year, and looks at how it’s not shaping up to be nearly as prosperous while wondering if it’s a sign of the next doomsday.

Wasting Time
Video games are often criticized as being a waste of time, but AshaMan3000 challenges this claim by questioning whether this can be said of any hobby and how moderation is the difference.

Metal Gear Solid: Evolution
Continuing on with his Evolution series, this week Kyle Wadsworth explores the world of the stealth action genre as he evaluates a few titles in the Metal Gear series.

What Makes Borderlands So Special To Me
With the release of Borderlands 2 about a month away, the Ewok King remembers his experience playing the first Borderlands and what made that game so great.

Born With Controller In Hand
Blogging newcomer Undead Merchant shares his personal account of growing up as a gamer in a house full of gamers and how that contributed to who he is today.

Dragon Age III – If I Were Making It
Who better to suggest recommendations for a game than the loyal fans that play them? This detailed blog by DJH outlines some elements he would like to see included in the next Dragon Age game.

I'm Sick Of Caves (And Sewers)
Video games have immersed the player in a multitude of environments but KillerRabbitsFTW discusses how he’s tired of caves and sewers and the way developers represent them games.

Saving Final Fantasy
With more than a dozen games to its fame, the Final Fantasy franchise has amassed a cult-like following and thegodofwine7 speculates what elements it needs to retain to ensure it remains popular.

THQ's Formidable Challenge For Darksiders II
A short blog from Rihz discussing how he thinks the original Darksiders was underrated and the uphill battle the sequel will face if it is to be successful and continue the legacy of the series.

Are You An Achievement Hunter Or Gatherer?
Much has been said about video game achievements – some for and some against. Warbuff divulges his thoughts on the topic and the lengths he will go to improving his overall score.

The Pros And Cons Of Call Of Duty
There’s no denying the popularity associated with the Call of Duty franchise, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that gamers still enjoy talking about it, like this co-op blog from community members Ghost & Stranger.    

Community Reviews:

In A World Of Pure Imagination
Probably not a game you’re familiar with or playing at the moment, but one you might be interested in. Costume Quest is an older downloadable game from THQ and this review by Silvershine08 highlights the details.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD
A long time fan of the series, John Wrek evaluates Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, the recently released and reimaged with High Definition graphics remake of the classic skateboarding game of the same name.

A Strange Welcome For Newcomers
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has been receiving plenty of attention since its release and is the subject of several user reviews including this one by Trecil.

The Best Yet?
Can fans of the Kingdom Hearts series finally rejoice now that the next episode in the series has been released? In his review, RadiantChaos seems to think so and wonders if this is the best one yet?

Community Podcasts:

The JACKED UP Indie & Mojo Show Episode 42
The hosts sneak in two podcasts this week, both featuring special guests. In Episode 42, community member Lisa Thrasher joins the show while Episode 43 is an interview with Gabriel Diani, a filmmaker and actor promoting his Kickstarter film project The Selling.

Robot In The Corner Podcast: Episode 2-34
This week, Wes levels up to a T-Rex, Dean criticizes Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, and Titus tells us about his upcoming serial novel, Pneumadiluvians. I couldn’t have summarized it better myself.

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Happy Blogging!

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Video Game Quote of the Week:

"I can live with being a pawn if the game makes sense.” –Pilot, Freespace 2