Dragon Age is one of my favorite game series. I have played every game and have all the DLC. Now Origins was a masterpiece. It attracted so many people in with it's unique charm. And the sequel Dragon Age II, was met with some backlash. Now I agree it was very rushed. They should have worked on it a lot more than they did. But I enjoyed it. But the problem I had with it was they changed so much from Origins that I liked. It changed so much that it felt like it should have been a new IP rather than a DA game. So after about eight weeks of research into the lore and locations in the Dragon Age universe, I present to you Dragon Age III- If I were making It.

Story and Location

Several years after the slaying of the Archdemon, and Wardens grew back in numbers, the power struggle between the Mages and Templars continues. In the Nation of Nevarra, home to the largest and most powerful Magi Circle, the Mages are struggling to find out what's causing The Veil to weaken, causing demons to destroy Nevarra. The Templars believe the Mages are at fault for the demons escaping. During one of the rituals the Mages conducted to solve the problem with the Veil breaking, the Templars decide to take action into their own hands and destroy the Circle. During the slaughter, the leader of the Templars and the Grand Enchanter inadvertently create a powerful demon. The demon breaks the Veil withing the Circle tower, slaughtering most of the remaining people, and takes it over as it's home. It continues to break the Veil all over Nevarra, engulfing it's already struggling civilians.

The player

As much as I liked Hawke from II, I loved the origins stories from the first. So that's back. And in Origins the player was simply called 'The Warden' and in DAII the player was called 'Hawke'. Well because of the many origins I decided to dig into the DA lore. (This part is not great, but it's something.) The player is called 'Revas'. (Like I said, not great) In the elven language 'Revas' means 'Freedom'. Since the player has the freedom to be whatever he/she wants, it fits. In the game, that is their nickname. So the other characters call you by that name.

Origin stories

Human- Mage

You and several other Mages are wanderers, trying to avoid being captured by the Templars. You and your fellow Mages find an ancient ruin. You explore it because of the high demonic presence because of the Veil. As you further explore you and one other survive by closing the Veil. A group of Circle Mages are impressed by your actions and are invited to stay at The Circle.

Human- Noble

You and your family are one of the richest families in Nevarra. Your family runs a small farming community on the outskirts of Nevarra, next to your castle. All you want to do is to do whatever you want with your best friend, whom you family doesn't like, while your family tries to force you to become the next ruler of the castle. The veil breaks inside your home, slaughtering your family. You and your friend manage to destroy the veil, saving the farm lands. A group of mages approach you and invite you to become their personal guards at The Circle.

Human- Commoner

You are one of the poorest people in the city of Nevarra. You live in the slums with the other beggars. One day you and your best friend decides to try to escape via the sewers. As you two try to escape you find an ancient Desire Demon living underneath the city. As the two of you weaken her, she escapes. A group of Templars finds the two of you, and is impresses that you managed to take on a Desire Demon and live. The two of you are taken to The Circle to become Templars.


Same as Human Mage


You are the next in line to become the Dalish Keeper. As your clan is preparing to relocate, the Keeper tasks you with finding hunters who went missing. You and your friend head out to find the hunters. You discover that they have been killed, not by monsters, but by werewolves. During the scuffle with the beats, you disturb the resting place of a Remnant, causing the werewolves to retreat the battle. After it's defeat, a group of Mages approach you, asking to join The Circle.


You live in the alienage in the city of Nevarra. You never had any family, and kept mostly to yourself, except the only person who hung out with you. You discover some of the elves are trying to escape the city from the sewers to join the mythical elves living in the mountains. Knowing the danger that lurks underneath you and your friend try to stop them. You discover the Desire Demon, along with the other elves. After defeating her, you let the elves escape, or go back to the city. After that choice the templars discover you, inviting you to stay at The Circle.


You are one of the children of the ruler of the elven community living high upon the mountains. You live in peace, willing trade with any brave traveler willing to risk the trip up. But only elves are allowed to live in the city. Beasts living in the caverns below causes some disturbance for the peaceful community. You and some skilled swordsmen go down to slay the beasts. A group of Quinari living in the caverns, whom you knew were there while no one else did, fight off Darkspawn for survival. The other elves prepare for war against the Quin, and you. Casting yourself out, and a Quinari who you befriended long before. A group of Templars discovers the both of you, and take you in to become templars.


Your family owns and runs a mining city in the eastern mountains. As workers are mining deep underground, they unearth the resting grounds of an ancient demon. You decide to take it upon yourself to destroy the demon, taking soldiers with you. After weakening the demon It retreats to heal. Upon arrival back to the city to bask in the glory of "defeating" it, a group of templars approaches you, inviting you to join as a Templar.


You are one of the dwarven miners who unleashes the demon. You and your fellow miners try to fight it off, but fail, retreating back to the city alerting the king of what happened. After a day passes with the Kings child missing from trying to defeat the demon, you and your friends travel back into the mines to find the demon. Upon discovering the kings child had been slain by the demon, you and your friends "defeat" the demon, causing it to delve deeper into the mines. A group of Templars, after watching the fight, invites you to join them.

The game

After each Origin story, the player and his/her friend from the Origin you chose joins up with the Circle. Upon the demon slaughtering The Tower, The player, their friend, and the First Enchanter manage to escape the massacre. They soon discover the demon has gained control of the different regions in the land. They take it upon themselves to destroy his grasp on Neverra, and gather allies to destroy him.

Depending on which Origin the player chooses, each place they travel to will have a slightly different story. Example. If the player chooses the Human Noble Origin, then his/her family dies, saving the farmlands. But, if the player chooses a different story, then the family survives, with the middle child sacrificing himself to save his family(the middle child being the person whom you inhabit, if choosing that origin), but the farm lands suffers incredibly.


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