Borderlands. What a special game! Just everything about this game makes satisfied, from the beautiful views when you take a walk on Pandora, completing missions for different characters, the humor, oh, and Claptrap.

From the first trailer, Borderlands caught my attention, everything seemed so different from the military shooters, it was like inhaling fresh air and enjoying it to the fullest. 2K took a risk and released the game in the same year that World At War was announced, and Call Of Duty titles, are, well, popular. I think that one of the most important elements in selling a  game is marketing, and Borderlands hit the nail in that division, releasing posters saying ''We got gazillion guns!'' and ''Today We Dyne In Fyrestone'', the game already displayed bright colors, and quirkiness. This game did great with the humor, it has a lot of black humor mixed in it, the game keeps telling you that the story isn't serious, and it shouldn't be taken seriously, I was sure things were like that when the first boss was described like this:


When I bought the GOTY edition, and unpatiently opened the box and started reading the instruction manual (not because I need to learn the controls, but because I can't wait to play the game and will watch/read EVERYTHING related to it), but I didn't pay attention to the writing on the cover of the instruction manual...''Pandora's Instruction Manual'', well isn't this just dandy? That's when I understood I'm in a HELL of a ride. It's one of the things like this that make me intrigued in a game: clever marketing, and approaching game development not like a routine activity, but approaching it like a fun game. 

Please, do not think of me as a shallow person that judges a game only by the quality of marketing, no sir, I also watched gameplay footages, trailers. And I liked it, very much. I want to quote the Borderlands poster: ''FPS and RPG had a love child'', and this is true, I have to say, it has the guns of and the first person camera of a FPS, and the skill trees, the customization freedom and free-roaming, which I love. The story begins when you choose which character you want to play as: Brick, a tank that can crack skulls with his concrete fists, and being angry (being angry+concrete fists=concrete-er fists), oh , and Brick's preferred weapon is the shotgun. To sum Brick up: he likes cracking skulls, shotguns and being angry, seriously, don't screw with Brick.

And then there's Roland, a quiet soldier, he can use all kinds of weapons, from shotguns, to SMGs to Repeater Pistols (Borderlands has gazillion guns, DID YOU THINK YOU WERE BEING LIED TO???), and his special ability is, he can place a turret to help him out during a fun fight. Roland is a specialist in guns, he was trained especially to kick peoples' butts, he's an ex-Crimson soldier, (you'll find out what this organisation's about later in the game). Summary: Roland is a trained killing machine that specializes in guns, and he'll kick your butt, and he has a turret to help him out!

And then there's Mordecai, when this guy was 17, he one an interplanetary sharpshooting competition with a revolver (this guy can put a hole in Chuck Norris's head any day), he got banned for cheating, that's how good he is. Now he travels from planet to planet with his loyal bird...thing in search of schmexy guns and money. Mordecai's preffered weapons are: sniper rifle, and pistols. His special ability is, he can send in his bird to help him kill his enemies. Summary: Mordecai is one of the best snipers in the galaxy, he's a mysterious awesome guy, he can kill you, and he has a bird...thing to help him out. 

Note: he does wear a mask, and has a goatee, don't worry, he's not one of these men, there are very few women on Pandora, and each freaking one of them can protect herself damn well.

Last but not least, Lilith, she's a sneaky girl, she can turn invisible to the enemies, and come back to visibility with a BLAST! (pun intended), her favorite guns are SMGs, she loves them in a weird way. Summary: She can sneak to your back and...BAM, you're dead, she can kill people, easily, and she has invisibility and SMGs to help her with that.

Now, that I'm done with the characters, let's move to the open world.

Pandora is a big planet! There are many territories you can visit, plus, you get trophies to discover new places, so it's a small but pleasant plus. As you explore the planet, you will meet different kinds of enemies, from skags (mutant dogs), bandits, and mutant giant birds. And I have to note, every territory is being...controlled by some type of enemy, some territories are filled with skags, some with bandits etc. I know what goes through your head right now:'' oh, are there so few enemy types?'' I don't know, I'm not so far in the game. But let me say this: As your level increases, the enemies' level increases as well, that makes the games much more challengins and adds to the fun, also this pushes you to buying more powerful shields and weapons, and go kill these dastardly creatures and bandits! But be careful, if you, for example, you are a level 4, and want to take on a level 11 enemy, you'll fail miserably, just take your time and get on a higher level to take on the more difficult quests. There are different types of different enemies. For instance, take the skags:

Pup Skag 

Skag Whelp 

Spitter Skag

Adult Skag.

See now? So many different weapons, territories, and enemies! Go play!


One last thing I have to say, don't think that the special abilities are the only ones that our beloved (I had to say this, otherwise...they know where I live!) characters have! Many parts of the character, from weapons, and the special ability, have an enhancement. 

Here's the skill tree of Mordecai:

Hope you enjoyed my blog, NOW GO PLAY BORDERLANDS EVERYONE!

...Oh-oh! Wait a second! I forgot multiplayer and co-op! With Co-Op, you can explore the planet, go through the story, collect weapons, money ( you can meet piles of bones with ammo, money, health kits etc. scattered around the planet, there also are crates with some weapon goodness, ammo, and grenades). Anyway, play Co-Op if you want to play through the game with your friend/relative, which is always fun!

Multiplayer is like Co-Op, but you just meet random people, and play with them, but you can not only explore together and kill together in Multiplayer, you can challenge one of the players to a duel! That's how fun it is!

Ewok King.