When I think as far back as I can, memories of video games flood my mind. Video games have always been prevalent in my life. I was born into a gaming family. My father, my mother, my brother, and my oldest sister all gamed.  Some of my earliest memories include my mother defeating Mother Brain in Super Metroid, and my father brawling it out in Double Dragon. Most gamers discovered there love of video games on their own; I inherited my love.


As far back as my memories go, I remember there being a NES and a SNES in my household. I remember us having a huge collection of NES games, many of which we still have. I would use to pick a game by the art on the cartridge, and that is how I remembered which games were which. I couldn’t read back then. Of course playing NES games at such a young age barely ever resulted in success. A lot of my enjoyment and best memories from video games have been watching them being played. Whether it was my parents, my brother, or even now with GameInformer’s replay; I love watching games being played. Especially the classics.


I remember my mother always playing games that are now revered as the classic games. My first gaming memory is Mother Brain being defeated. I could sense the feeling of accomplishment as this happened. I remember the shock around the room when Samus took her helmet off: The astonishing revelation that this character was actually a female. I remember, probably months or even years later, when my brother heard or read about how if you beat the game within a specific amount of time, she takes off more. Do I need to say more to tell you what his next course of action was? I also remembered my father playing the Double Dragon series. I believe it was the second one that is his all time favorite game. He could never beat it. Could always get to the machine gun wielding boss, but never managed to take him down. There were no guides back then. Secrets, strategies, everything was left for the gamer to find out themselves. Not anymore. It is different now.

I am surprised this baby never gave me nightmares

While I did clock many hours with the NES and SNES (most of which came after the fact), my most vivid, personal gaming moments starts with the Sega Genesis. We never owned many Sega games. We had a few Sonic games, Shining Force 2, and random, less notable titles. However, we did have the Sega Channel. Thinking back now, the Sega Channel still blows my mind. While flawed, it was ahead of its time and provided myself with hundreds of hours of fun. For those who do not know, the Sega Channel was a service that provided gamers with unlimited access to around 50 games, with new games every month. Through this I was introduced to some of my all time favorite games; Earthworm Jim, Zombie Ate My Neighbors, Primal Rage, Dino Land, Comix Zone, and many, many more. Every time new games were added was like Christmas to me.

"Good Job!"

Most of these games I played with my parents and my brother (who is around ten years older than me). And by that, I mean they played for my whenever I got stuck, which was often back then. My entire family had a different impact in my gaming life. I have played over thousands of hours of RPG’s with my mother. I have played many video games for my one sister who never gamed. I would play her Barbie games and Crystal’s Pony Tale for her. Yes, the same game that GI ended up doing an impromptu super replay of. Sadly enough that is the game I have probably beaten the most – though I do assure that was because my sister.


While all of my family introduced different aspects of gaming to me, no one had as big of an impact as my brother. He was my hero back then. He still is. I would watch him play hours, and hours of video games. I would watch him play through the first few levels of Super Mario Bros with his toes. My fondest memory of my past is when we would walk to Toys R Us together. He always bought a game that I knew I would be watching him play. These walks were magical to me. I felt free during these walks. I am fairly certain that is why I love walks at night now. The game I remembered the best out of all that he has gotten on these trips is Mega Man Legends. I remember them all.


All of these experiences with my family have molded my video game life. My favorite genre is RPG’s; same thing with my mother and brother. This is why I love the SNES now. I went back and played all of the classics and hidden gems. Three of my all time favorite games are Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, and Super Mario RPG. The Breath of Fire series, Shadowrun, and Secret of Evermore were also amazing games. I still play video games for an audience. Sometimes it is my sister. Sometimes it is my nieces (the children of my oldest sister) with whom I play kid friendly games. Sometimes it is my friends at school who surround me as I take on Demon Souls. I love most genres of games. I love platformers, shooters, adventurers, puzzlers, sport games, and almost all other types of games. All but racing games.

Many of my friends confess envy toward the fact that my family games. Most of them are the only gamers in their family. I do not know what type of person I would be if my parents didn’t gamed. Maybe I would never be caught dead on a site such as GameInformer. Maybe I would be here, talking about the game that got me into gaming. I don’t know. I will never know. All I do know is that yes, I am lucky to have been born into a gaming family. It was how most of us bonded together and how we still bond together. Even today I am playing Telltale’s The Walking Dead for my father’s enjoyment. My mother and I (when I am home from college) are trying to finish Lost Odyssey. And my sister who always wanted me to play her bad games, now like watching me play generally good games.


Though, don’t be too envious. It wasn’t always that good. Sometimes my family hogged the systems when I wanted to play.


Thanks for reading! The purpose of this blog was to introduce myself to you all as I intend to blog every now and then. Also, to blog about something possibly relatable.