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(Says who!?!)

Lately in several blogs I've seen video games, or gaming in general, referred to as 'a waste of time'.  As a life-long gamer I'd like to address this generalization or accusation (depending on how you take it) with an obsessive nerd retort.

Gaming is like any other hobby for me.  Sometimes I play a lot in a given week, sometimes I barely turn my console on.  It just depends on the spare time I have available and my mood or interest.  I enjoy reading (another great time sink) as well and have to have a few hours of each week set aside for that. 

(600+ total hours...)

Given that my gaming preferences lean towards the strategy, open-world, and rpg genres, it's safe to say that my favorite hobby can (and does) eat up quite a bit of my time.  Whenever I think about it in the negative though I remind myself that it's just a hobby and there's nothing to worry about.  When or if the time comes that your hobby becomes an obsession (I'm looking at you WOW and Diablo players) it can become time to re-evaluate your use of time.

(211 hours on my save file...)

I remember one instance a few years back where my sister-in-law was explaining to me that if I didn't spend so much time gaming I could have a wife and family of my own.  I responded with 'how many weekends a year is your husband gone hunting or fishing, twenty five or so?' 

Having an interest to blow off steam and relax is both human nature and a healthy thing.  Whether it's being an outdoors-man, a Nascar fan, a sports nut, or a gamer, we all need a way to 'recharge the batteries' to refresh us for the daily battle that life can become.  If you're living off the grid as a modern day hunter/gatherer you may have crossed the line to obsession.  If you quit your job to follow the Nascar points races for a full season it may be time to re-evaluate your life.  If you die of exhaustion and malnutrition because the grind of Diablo is just too good to walk away from you, well your family anyway, shouldn't grieve long as you were an idiot.

(Not sure for how long, but I played the **** out of this game...)

Moderation can be such a powerful thing.  It's a rule you can live by in so many aspects of life.  As long as you live a life outside of your hobby it can never truly be considered 'a waste of time'.

Thanks for reading, do any of you obsess over games? 

Have they ever crossed over from hobby to 'a waste of time'? 

Let me know, I'm curious how the community feels.  Some could say any hobby is a waste, I just don't see it that way...