Darksiders.  In my opinion, one of the most underrated games of this generation.  Those that have played it understand it's core concepts: Zelda, God of War, and a pinch of Portal.  The game itself is most reminiscent of the Legend of Zelda series, with the dungeons being full of puzzles that you most likely need an item found within that same dungeon to complete.  Sound familiar?  The game also takes a more mature take on the Zelda formula, with more God of War-styled combat, blood and all. The small bit of Portal found in the game is due to an item you receive in a dungeon.

The game, when everything was said and done, sold about a million copies.  While a huge success, it doesn't compare to the Blockbuster's of 2010.  But don't get me wrong, Darksiders is a fantastic game, in almost every aspect.  It received great reviews from most outlets, even getting an 8.5 from GI. This game may take elements from other popular franchises, but it also spins them into its own formula.  It creates a lore that would certainly offend devout Christians, but on a fantasy aspect, it provides strong characters that could certainly create a series.

That is exactly what Vigil Games (the developer) intends to do.

Featured as the cover story for Game Informer issue #219, Darksiders 2 hopes to turn the above-average formula of the first Darksiders and add even more of a unique twist on it by making it and Action-RPG.  After reading the cover story, one can tell that the team at Vigil Games knows what they're doing, and that this game will surely sell more than its predecessor. However, will it sell enough?

THQ's new president, Jason Rubin, made a statement last week stating that Darksiders 2 may be an abrupt end to the series unless it sells "four or five million" copies.  So, in other words, Darksiders 2 must sell four times as many copies as the original Darksiders to have a sequel even considered.  Now, I am personally spending $100 on Darksiders 2 by ordering the collector's edition, and I am extremely excited for the game, but I am scared for the series.

Vigil Games has created a game that I can go back to after 2 years, and still play through it til the end and love it.  In fact, I recently went back to it to finish collecting all of the achievements, in anticipation for Darksiders 2.  However, Darksiders 2 will have a harder time selling four or five million copies than a highly regarded series such as Call of Duty or Final Fantasy.  I will not give up hope though, and will encourage others to look into buying the game, to show both Vigil Games and THQ that Darksiders has a loyal fanbase.

So, what do you think?  Are you getting Darksiders II?  Do you think THQ's sales quota for Darksiders II is too drastic?