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Joe Juba

Online Content Director

Joe Juba joined the Game Informer staff in 2003, giving him the opportunity to combine his two favorite hobbies - gaming and writing - into a career. His parents say he was playing Hunt the Wumpus on a TI-99 before he could talk, but the original King's Quest and Final Fantasy titles sparked his true obsession with video games.  He also likes RoboCop (1987), Columbo, and The Gilmore Girls.


Job Cuts At Warner Bros. Studios

Today Warner Brothers confirmed that an unspecified number of employees
at Monolith Productions, Snowblind Studios, and Surreal Software have
been laid off.

Heavy Rain Is Coming February 23

Sony has (finally!) officially announced when gamers will be able to
play Heavy Rain, so cancel all of your appointments on and around
February 23 in preparation.