David Cage Wanted To Make Heavy Rain DLC

by Joe Juba on Jul 02, 2010 at 07:38 AM

When we found out that the announced Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC were indefinitely postponed, we were disappointed. We weren't the only ones; Quantic Dream's David Cage also wishes that his studio could have worked on the episodic content rather than add Move support to the original game.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Cage essentially extinguished any hope that the DLC would be produced after the Move version of Heavy Rain is complete. "They are on hold to allow the team to work on Move and on new projects, and I doubt they will ever be produced," he said. "My personal choice was to work on more Chronicles explaining the background of each character."

This may leave some gamers feeling bitter about the Move edition – especially fans who would rather explore new content instead of replaying old stuff. While Cage would rather have made the DLC, that doesn't mean that Heavy Rain on Move is some kind of doomed project. In fact, Cage is still pleased with the work Quantic Dream has done on the game.

"I am really proud of this Move edition and think it will surprise many gamers and show that Move can be used for things other than family entertainment," Cage said. "Now as a writer and director, would I have preferred to work on the three Chronicles I wrote? Guess."