Don't Forget: The New Monkey Island Hits July 7

by Joe Juba on Jun 17, 2010 at 11:20 AM

The Force Unleashed II may be the talk of the LucasArts booth at E3, but don't forget that the publisher has more than one cool title on the way. The downloadable special edition of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge will be available July 7, and fans of old-school adventure games won't want to miss it.

Like the last special edition, LeChuck's Revenge will allow players to switch between classic and HD graphical styles, but the team has made some tweaks to the gameplay to make the experience more accessible. The hint system has been adjusted so that you can now see objects in the environment that you can interact with, and only the relevant actions will appear (instead of bringing up the entire array of options like push, pull, open, and close. You'll also be able to guide Guybrush Threepwood around with an analog stick instead of using the point-and-click approach.

The real treat for Monkey Island fans will be the developer commentary, which is a recording of LucasArts alums Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert, and Dave Grossman talking about the various scenes, locations, and characters as you encounter them. Their silhouettes even appear in the lower right of the screen.

With all of the tweaks and added bonus content, LeChuck's Revenge should be a no-brainer for anyone with a fondness for the adventure genre.