e3 2010

New God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta Details

by Joe Juba on Jun 17, 2010 at 04:41 PM

I already had a chance to log some hands-on time with Ready At Dawn's upcoming God of War: Ghost of Sparta, but the developer revealed a few new pieces of info today in a behind-closed-doors demo.

The session showcased a section of the game missing from the build on the E3 show floor, taking place in an area called the Volcanic Pass. While the team isn't saying exactly why Kratos is in this area, Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya and Dana Jan hinted that the Volcanic Pass doesn't exist when the game opens; something that Kratos does in the game creates the hazardous molten path.

While the flowing lava and rocky cliffs were impressive, the coolest part of the area is the character Kratos encounters: the legendary Midas. As you would expect, Midas' touch turns things into gold...which is a problem, since Kratos needs to "persuade" Midas into helping him. As you approach, stalking Midas slowly, the king is on the ground weeping, waving a glowing hand to keep you at bay. Once you get close enough, a button-press sequence initiates. If you fail, Midas' flailing grasp finds you and Kratos is turned to gold. However, if you succeed, Kratos beats Midas unconscious, allowing you to drag the body.

Why would you want to carry a dangerous man like Midas around? Kratos needs to cross the Volcanic Pass, which would presumably be easier if the molten lava were something easier to stand on, like gold. As you drag Midas toward the lava, he periodically regains awareness and tries to crawl away, so you need to beat him down again. However, your attention isn't just on him; packs of hellish dogs attack as you carry Midas over your shoulder, so you need to fight back the enemies while ensuring that Midas doesn't escape before he fulfills his role.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see precisely what happens when Kratos finishes the job; he drags Midas to the edge of the burning lake and heaves him toward it...and then the demo ended. We'll just have to wait until Ghost of Sparta's release later this year to see exactly how the scene concludes.