e3 2016

Build Your Own Vault In Fallout 4


Tencent Purchases Clash Royale Dev Supercell For $8.6 Billion

… Supercell For $8.6 Billion … Supercell will continue to function independently. … Tencent Purchases Clash Royale Dev …


PSA: Big Xbox One Update Rolls Out Today, Includes Cortana And Customizable Background Music

… introduces Cortana to the console, adds a background music function, and improves how you can view your game library. … …

nintendo direct

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Getting Amiibo And Other Updates

e3 2015

Bowser And Donkey Kong Skylanders Are A Pricey Pair

… Are A Pricey Pair … Both characters look great and can function as both Skylanders and Amiibos. Getting both will …

d23 2017

Gummi Ship Confirmed For Kingdom Hearts III

… Gummi Ship is back, but is staying tight-lipped about its function. … Gummi Ship Confirmed For Kingdom Hearts III …


New Animal Crossing Amiibos In March


Pokémon Sun And Moon Trailer Debuts Camera & The Ultra Beasts

… revealing the Ultra Beasts, a Pokémon Snap-like camera function, The Aether Foundation, and more. … Pokémon Sun And …