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The Nightmare Is Over: Kinect Will Work If You're Sitting

by Phil Kollar on Oct 15, 2010 at 04:00 PM

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Ever since Microsoft's new full-body motion control device, Kinect, was shown off at E3 this past summer, concerns have been floating around over whether or not the device would be able to register players who are sitting. Will we need to stand for every Kinect game and function? Thankfully, the answer is finally a definitive no.

Eurogamer reports that Microsoft has upgraded the software that runs Kinect. Previously, the device would create a skeletal model with the bottom of the user's spine as the base. According to Blitz Game Studios CTO Andrew Oliver, the recent update allows Kinect to use the neck as the base for the model.

According to Oliver, this change was made too late to be useful for Kinect launch titles, but future games using the technology should benefit from it. Though Oliver is not officially affiliated with Microsoft, his Blitz Game Studios has two Kinect launch titles planned -- The Biggest Loser and Yoostar 2 -- and "several" more Kinect games in development.