e3 2010

Koei Appeals To The West With Warriors: Legends Of Troy

… Legends Of Troy … Warriors: Legends of Troy is Koei’s attempt to expand their audience, crafting a game within the …


Replay – Batman: Dark Tomorrow


A Look Back At 3D Console Gaming


Was Move Planned For PS3 From The Start?

… the PlayStation Move, most gamers wrote it off as a cheap attempt to cash in on Nintendo's success with motion-based …


Replay – Enter The Matrix

… … On this week's episode, we check out Shiny's first attempt to bring the action of the Matrix to video games. … …


There’s Not That Much To Do In Space, Apparently

… Much To Do In Space, Apparently … It’s too bad that this attempt at simulating the lifestyle of a Han Solo type …


NFS: Hot Pursuit Box Art Is The PITs


Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Gets Release Date

… Date … Konami lets gamers know exactly when their next attempt at 3D Castlevania will hit store shelves. … …


Microsoft Suspends Player For His Home Town’s Name

… that Fort Gay was a real place, and not a juvenile attempt to poke fun at homosexuals. … Microsoft Suspends …


Pokémon Typing Game Coming To DS In Japan

… the crappy typing software that schools used to use to attempt to teach kids keyboarding skills? Me neither, barely. …


Driver Series Speeding Onto 3DS


Judge Smacks Down Edge Lawsuit

… Lawsuit … A court judge throws out Tim Langdell's latest attempt to corner the market on anything using the word …


Spielberg And DreamWorks To Take On Halo Movie?

… And DreamWorks To Take On Halo Movie? … The latest attempt at a Halo movie may focus more on the novelizations …


Halo Writer Lightly Teases Bungie's Next Project

… meaningful hint at Bungie's next game and its first attempt at something outside of the Halo franchise since …

photo journal

How Not To Throw A Party In The Sims 3

… … A screenshot journal of one sim's hilariously disastrous attempt to throw a party. … How Not To Throw A Party In The …