After going on hiatus, Blog Herding is back with our biggest post yet! Check out our picks. This marks one of two posts this week as we return to our regular herding schedule. Huzzah!

A Story Worth Fighting For
Should fighters include a strong narrative? HoboLuvin explains.

The Dragyn's Lair: An Open Letter To Blizzard Entertainment

ShadowDragyn wants Blizzard to bring games to consoles. Do you agree?

A Non Linear Blog About Non linearity
Gamebeast23456 raises the discussion of linearity in games. Are you on the linear or open world side? Discuss in the comments section of his post.

The Greatest Video Game Designer Of All Time

Brad Tramel pays homage to Shigeru Miyamoto.

RPGs: From East And From West

Jack, The Quixotic Gamer compares these varying RPG types. Also, check out his interview with MLG caster Chris Puckett!

The GI Community Minecraft Server Update
JakeAuditore dishes out a quick update on the server. Details on getting in on the action inside.

Do We Need New Consoles?
Cody Gilley answers this important question.

Video Game Music Remixes Vol. 2
Treat your ears with music from Psychedub Dude.

 How Story Has Ruined FPS Campaigns

Is narrative bogging down or enhancing the FPS experience? Are scripted scenarios scaling back open-ended gameplay? Vurtax explains.

Games That Deserve A Sequel/Remake #2

Which classic game did Demon Ragnarok choose for this post? Read it to find out!

Famous Gaming Villains Who Got It Right All Along

Sometimes villains are just...misunderstood. Hunter Clement gives us the scoop.

GIO Blogger Clan: Special Edition Member #1

AllAboutJane interviews FamilyGuyGuy7 in her first Blogger Clan post.

A Man Named Coulton
Stormfront highlights the work of the amazing (and hilarious) musician Jonathan Coulton, best known for his work on Portal's "Still Alive."

Custom GI Avatars: How It's Made

TurdFurgy spills the magic on how these creative avatars are made.

Community Podcasts

Overcast Ep. 7: It's Making My Eye Twitch
The team talks West and Zampella lawsuit, favorite Zelda game, the future of the FPS genre, plus Cross Cut, Facebook Feedback, and Top Ten segments. Ep. 8 features GI's resident video guy, Ben Hanson.

Robot In The Corner Podcast: Episode 28
The robot crew discusses Metal Friday, 3D, and more. Tune in to ep. 30 for Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat impressions. Ep. 29 coming soon.

Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 8

GIOR goes over Project Cafe, Portal 2, Captivate, Sonic, Wii Party, and more. Ep. 9 features GI's Reiner and Portal 2 spoilers, and in the latest ep., Ben Hanson, myself, and Ben Reeves guest (thanks for having us!).

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