Back in 2007 when the original Portal came out on the Orange Box I was blown away by the innovative gameplay, unique story and characters, and mind-bending puzzles.  I was also extremely impressed with the catchy ending theme song "Still Alive" and its hilarious lyrics that tied in really well with the main game.  I was so impressed with it that I started doing some research on the guy that wrote it.  And here he is below.

His name is Jonathan Coulton and along with having an amazing hairdo he's one of the funniest musicians I've ever heard.  When I started listening to his music I was blown away by the sheer talent this guy has.  Coulton is actually a former computer programmer who left his job at a software company to pursue his dream of making music.

Most of his songs are very folk sounding and dip into the fantasy and sci-fi genres but with very offbeat humor mixed in.  He also has a strange fascination regarding writing about monkeys but I can forgive him for that since monkeys are pretty awesome. 

I think the thing that most impressed me about him was how hard of a worker he is.  Back before Portal came out he did a project called thing-a-week where he pushed himself to release a song every week for an entire year.  The crazy part of this isn't that he accomplished this goal (which he did) but the fact that the majority of the songs from this are still of a very high quality and are all fun to listen to. It's not often that you see someone in the music industry that committed to putting out quality music on a tight schedule like that.

If you're interested in checking out his music (which you totally should), or if you enjoyed Still Alive in Portal and want to check out some songs in that same vibe, you can buy his music from either iTunes or CDBaby at 

In a totally random unrelated fact he's also good friends with the guy who plays PC in the Mac vs. PC commercials.  Apparently, they want to college together.  How crazy is that?

In case you're still reading these are my favorite non-Portal related songs of his. 

Re: Your Brains

Skullcrusher Mountain

Code Monkey

Space Doggity

And of course that classic that Sir Mix-a-lot totally stole from him

Baby Got Back