It is Monday and that means it is time for our weekly edition of Overcast! I'm going ahead and posting this (instead of your regularly scheduled poster Miyuki Snow) at 2AM because I'm not tired and you all deserve some fun on a Monday.

This week we are very proud to have Game Informer's Video Producer Extraordinaire Ben Hanson on the show! Make sure to listen because this episode is pretty freaking awesome, even if it is long.

THERE ARE MASSIVE MASS EFFECT 1&2 SPOILERS FROM 00:14:00 - 00:47:00 You probably shouldn't listen if you haven't played those games. To those of you that haven't played those games: you should totally play those games... they're great as we say many times throughout this episode.

The episode can be found here

The four of us sit down to discuss the Mass Effect universe in great detail since it is one of Ben Hanson, Clint Prentice and Nick Clement's favorite series.

Gaming News:
After we talk Mass Effect to exhaustion we then discuss how Activision seems to understand they're running their franchises into the ground yet keeps on doing it.
Very briefly we touch on Portal 2, but since only one of us has played it we decided to keep that talk a little short, don't worry no spoilers there.
We then discuss more WiiNES rumors since they are coming with a ferocity that is too hard to ignore.

We talk about cast decisions in The Dark Knight Rises along with other comic book movie discussion.
The Hobbit started production and Nick goes nerd crazy on us dishing out Tolkien lore left and right.
Charli Kanupp's film to watch this week was Jurassic Park: Ben Hanson's personal favorite film. We talk that one to death too. It is awesome.

Feedback with Ben Hanson:
We had a few people from the Overblood Facebook Group ask questions for Ben Hanson and he answers them. Including a complete play-by-play of a day in the office for Ben Hanson. Also pretty awesome.

This podcast may be incredibly long but don't let that seem too daunting for you, it is BEN HANSON after all! You don't hear him talk all that much.

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