Heyo, y'all! A few months ago (last January, I believe), I posted a blog about the 'GI-Exclusive Minecraft Server'. This is a bit of an update that the server was started, and a few people are on it! The only downfall is that the server is only up from around 4PM eastern to around 10PM. We're testing out a new computer that would be able to run the server 24/7, but it probably won't happen just yet.


Now, onto the brunt of the post. The server is going great, with Giga-Gamil and Verify being the only constants on. I'm wanting to change that with this. We need more people!  With more people we'd be able to have ranks, jobs, an economy system, and the best dern role-playing server around. Now, it's not a final decision that it'll be a role-playing server, I'm gonna take votes to see what the majority thinks. But in order to do that, we need more people! I have crazy exciting plans in store for this server, including our own Let's Play (w/ commentary) on YouTube, GameInformer editors being guests on the server, and some other pet projects! Anyone that's a regular on the server will be on this series. But again, we need more people! This is more of an update on the server. Maybe a bit pointless, but we'll see by the feedback.

If you want the IP for the server, just ask!