Back in 1992, Nintendo released a peripheral for the SNES system called the Super Scope. While the peripheral went on to be a failure, there was one game that I will always remember playing on it. That game was Yoshi's Safari

Yoshi's Safari was released in 1993. The premise of the game is that you play as Mario shooting at classic Mario enemies from the back of Yoshi, while trying to save Prince Pine and King Fret  of Jewelry Land. The game was an on rails shooter but incorporated minor platforming elements as you maneuver through diverting paths.

The game featured 12 levels, each with it's own boss, while some had a sub-boss.  It could be played solo, or with a second player moving Yoshi to avoid attacks. The game did not feature the most varied gameplay ever to grace a title, as many of the enemies were repeated in the same fashion from level to level, but it did provide something that in it's day was fairly unique.

This game did have some key moments in the history of Mario, however. This was the first time that the princess was referred to as Princess Peach outside of Japan. It was the first time that Magikoopa was featured as a stand alone boss. It was the last time that the Koopalings would be featured in a game until Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, in 2003.

I always loved playing this game when I was younger. This was the one game that my brother and I got for the Super Scope that we ever really played much of, or bothered to return to once we had beaten it. It was just a simple fun experience back in the day, and with Nintendo's focus on motion controls with the Wii, I think it would be a perfect title to bring to the Virtual Console. It's not a game that will blow people away, but is a fun example of what happens when a series moves outside of the box.

As many of you have probably noticed, I'm not nearly as active on the site as I have been in the past and it's looking like I'll be even less active in the future. This is because of a lot of things picking up for me in my personal life. I'm currently looking for a second job, and will also be starting school again soon, and just don't have the amount of free time I have had in the past.

Because of this, I have elected to pass on the Community News Review to a new steward. So, starting next week Cody Gilley will now be running the Community News Review. I've always maintained that this series is about the community and not myself, so I am glad to see it continuing with a new person taking the reins.

As for myself, I'll still be around, but mostly contributing comments here and there. I doubt I'll be blogging much more than something like this series on a weekly basis. But you never know.