We've got a busy avatar post this month, so bare with me fellas.

But first things first.

The Avatars:


 A. A. Ball      A. A.


      R.                                A. W.



 D.         R. M.     


 L. M.                                 P.   aka K. I.


 K. E. (I don't know who that is, but he's incredibly handsome and I think his birthday is this month)


WTK!     You should buy some merchandise from GIOR so those greedy (ghost)pigs can buy more slave children.



Grab some popcorn!


I've always wanted to do one of these. Now I can die happy.

It seems I made a poor choice on who to do for the speed art video, for he didn't turn out that well. But I choose him because I knew it we be a simpler model that would make for a shorter video.


As you probably have noticed, some avatars don't turn out as good as others, like my Ray Man. And others turn out pretty darn good, like my Pit. Lol, "my pit". But I still enjoy doing them and I love seeing the jewels that come out of the rocks.


Don't forget, I take requests. There isn't a shortage of videogame characters, so it would help me if you guys gave me direction for who to do next.

One more thing,


 K. E.      Rest In Peace, Grandpa, you will be missed.


Coming soon:  Cole McGrath, Leon Kennedy, John Marston, Kevin Bacon eating bacon, and Koob? (and many more)