This week, we talk about Project Cafe (Nintendo's new HD console), Portal 2, Captivate, Sonic, and how Sean loves Wii Party.

Oh, and I may or may not break into song. I'm sorry.

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During the episode, I talk about Brian Altano's quest to rid the video game industry of bad headlines. You can help him with that quest by following him and supporting him on Twitter! You can also listen to his podcast, the Gamespy Debriefings (Warning: Explicit.) , and support his goal more!  (Plug!)

We talk a little about Nintendo's new console, Project Cafe, during the show too. If you want a lot of new info for the console, I recommend folowing WiiHD It has interesting new rumors every day.

Oh yeah, and birthday shoutout to Mr. Ben Hanson! Keep on making awesome videos, Ben! (By the way, he should be on episode 10! Plug!)

That song I start singing is a song I'm writing based on the Mega Man Legends Super Replay. I'm hoping to get the song finished soon, and I'm planning to record it and post it as the outro for special episode number 10. Heck, hopefully I can get someone to help me make a music video for it. (Hint hint, Ben!)

That's, of course, if you guys actually liked the little part I gave on this episode. If not, well... bye bye song.

The last thing I wanted to ask; does anyone know of a good, free podcast uploader? Pod-O-Matic is being a jerk, and won't let me upload a whole lot of memory to their servers without paying. I've used three different profiles now, and it's getting old. If anyone knows of a safe, quality podcast uploader, please let me know.

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