Hurray! We've made it to 10 episodes! To celebrate this stepping stone into the future of GIOR, we've got two very special guests on the show with us this week. It's Ben Hanson and Annette Gonzalez! And uh... technically Ben Reeves. You'll understand once you listen.

This week, we talk about PSN being hacked, how Mray loves Mass Effect, way too much Minecraft, Podcasts, Portal 2, we learn with Poo Yoos, and then all of the other news of this week!

Oh, and Ben looks at naked Asaris in the middle of the show.

You can listen here.

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Sorry it took so long to get this episode up, I was having some technical difficulties with Audacity.

We've still got that GIOR merchandise, so if you're interested you'd better hurry. Cafepress does away with URLs after while, and this stuff has been up for about a month.

If you're interested in the podcasts that Ben and Mray listen to, be sure to hit them up on Twitter or GIO (or at least Mray. He seems to love sharing it.)

And uh... that's about it. Thanks for listening to the show everybody, and I hope you continue to enjoy it down the line.

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By the way... I bet you're wondering why my writing style seems different. It's because...



Confused? Well, Koob may be posting this, but I sent him all of the content through a GIO conversation, since I just posted a blog today. Shady? Maybe. Smart? I like to believe so. (Koob: Yes, it is shady, Mray.)



Koob's Notes.

Do you guys want to officially change a swear filter on GIO to say Koob instead of ***? Well, I bet we can do it if one of you start a petition! I would love to do it myself, but I'm to lazy. I always try, but end up going "Whatever, Koob it."

Also, here is a fun and awesome website that I found. Your welcome.