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Jeff Marchiafava

Senior Associate Editor

Jeff was first introduced to the exciting world of video games via his dad's Bally Astrocade in the early '80s, and has been hooked ever since. Obscure Atari rip-offs aside, his parents' refusal to buy him an NES ensured that most of Jeff's earliest gaming memories were social ones, at friends' homes and in arcades. When he successfully negotiated an end to the video game embargo in '91, it began a hobby that has since cost him most of his disposable income. While modern consoles have revived Jeff's love of social gaming, he still makes time for the 8-bit classics he was denied as a kid. Degrees in English and Japanese from the University of Minnesota and a yearlong study program at Hiroshima University round out Jeff's educational background, and landed him an internship and job at Game Informer in 2009. After nearly a decade of writing about video games, he still falls back on the same excuse for marathon gaming sessions: "It's research for work, I swear!"


Hallelujah, We Have A New Website!

After years of pleading with, cursing at, and plotting the demise of the old, our new site is finally here! Let’s give the old one a proper sendoff, shall we?