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Tell Us What's Happening In This Concerning Pokémon Scene


Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Will Offer Streaming Mode To Avoid DMCA Music Strikes

… of the Galaxy that centers around well-known oldies, the concern for streamers is high.  … Marvel's Guardians Of The …


EA Pledges Total Freedom For Studios With Game Development, Including Dragon Age, Titanfall, And More

… many studios under its umbrella, that has caused a lot of concern for major franchises. … EA Pledges Total Freedom For …


Naughty Dog Rebrands 'Outbreak Day' In Light Of COVID-19 For The Last Of Us Fans

… The Last of Us from Naughty Dog, but due to the continued concern over COVID-19 they are making one key change. … …


Ubisoft Not Raising Price On 2020 Next-Gen Games

… After concern raised by a $70 price tag for Take-Two's NBA 2K21 on …