Traveller's Tales Director Claims Natal Lag Will "Hurt Game Development"

by Dan Ryckert on Dec 18, 2009 at 05:27 AM

Natal is receiving some criticism from an unlikely source in Jon Burton, director at Traveller's Tales. He claims Microsoft's new controller is “exceedingly clever, but the lag on the input and lack of physical buttons is really going to restrict the kind of games that can be done with it.” It seems odd that he's concerned with its ability to impact multiple genres, considering that 10 of his company's last 13 games have been in what could effectively be called the "Lego genre."

Despite his concerns about Natal, he seems sold on Sony's alternative. “Sony’s solution will be cheap, accurate and will put buttons at your fingertips, meaning everything from action adventures to FPS can be handled with the same input," Burton said.