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Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Will Offer Streaming Mode To Avoid DMCA Music Strikes

by Liana Ruppert on Jun 22, 2021 at 10:01 AM

DMCA music strikes have become an even bigger problem over the past few years, and with a game like Guardians of the Galaxy that centers around well-known oldies, the concern for streamers is great. One way studios are combating the content restriction has been to offer a specifically tailored Streaming Mode to make it safe for creators to share their play experience with their community without fear of a strike. Eidos Montreal is offering a Streaming Mode for its upcoming Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game, offering a way for players to stream without having to worry about consequences. 

In a new interview with VentureBeatsenior narrative director Mary DeMarle talked a little bit about how music plays a role in the upcoming Guardians game, including classic hits that fans can expect to see, including how 80s the soundtrack is going to get. "Everything from Iron Maiden to Rick Astley to KISS to Wham to Blondie," she told the site. 

She added, "The way we use the music in the game is fun. Of course, we’ll use it as part of the cinematics or to heighten the drama in some scenes. You’ll be in big battles and hear something amazing like 'The Final Countdown,' because it matches the story. But at the same time, we have two unique ways we use it. One is, in the Milano, you have moments where the story takes you to the ship and you can hang out and talk to all the Guardians. There’s a jukebox in the Milano where you go over and pick the song you want to hear as you explore. You can listen to the songs on your own, how you want, while you’re hanging out."

When the site asked about any sort of Streaming Mode, she did say that she's not the right person to ask and that "someone can get you the correct answer." That correct answer comes by way of an Eidos Montreal spokesperson that told TechRadar that there will be a Streaming Mode that will disable all licensed music. This addition will allow players to progress through the story without being concerned over automated DMCA strikes, especially on Twitch. 

Interested in learning more about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game? Good news! It's our cover story next month, so be sure to mosey on over to our dedicated hub here for more first looks and insider information! In addition, we'll be updating this hub with new interviews and features, so keep it tuned into Game Informer to learn more about the upcoming Star-Lord adventure. 

What are your thoughts on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy from what we saw during E3 2021? Do you think Streaming Modes should be more commonplace in gaming? Sound off with your spiciest of hot takes in the comment section below! 

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