Blog Herding: Community Edition 02/16/12

by Game Informer Staff on Feb 16, 2012 at 05:00 AM

This week marks the 25th consecutive episode of Blog Herding since its triumphant return roughly six months ago. In that time we've witnessed the community grow and prosper as bloggers deliver exceptional content week after week, including the latest round of blogs listed below.

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: February 06 - February 12, 2012
Number of User Blogs: 82
Number of User Bloggers: 62
Number of User Blogs Herded: 9

Community Events:

Frag Fest March 4th
It's been awhile since the community conducted a Frag Fest, but Sheriff Warbuff is coordinating a special Halo Reach Custom Map Pack event. Submit your own maps or show up just to play. Details inside.

Community Blogs:

Twelve Video Game Clichés That Will Never Die
A clever post by the Mysterious Stranger exploring the most common and often overused principles our video games are founded upon, including my personal favorite: "Giant buttons on the floor."

Video Review – Final Fantasy XIII-2
After somewhat of a slow start, this video review by Craigaleg for the latest Final Fantasy episode is finally getting the recognition it deserves in what is possibly the best user review ever submitted.

2012 – An Online Odyssey
Chances are you're already fully aware what capabilities are gained by connecting your video game console to the Internet, but sometimes a gentle recap, like this one by Stranger, is a good reminder.

My Top 12 Nostalgic Games
Perhaps the most popular post and community favorite blog of the week, Mray901 shares a dozen games from his past that had an impact on the gamer he is today. Join in on the conversation.

Top 10 NES Games
Even though I might not agree with every game included, I still enjoyed thegodofwine7's latest top ten list, this time categorizing his Top 10 favorite video games available on the original Nintendo.

The Darkness II Demo
At first look, you might think this was one of Shootist2600's photo blogs, but it isn't. GoldvsSilver shares his thoughts on The Darkness II demo, capturing the highlights with an impressive collection of photos.

Building Character
Stepping away from reviewing games, but not from providing detailed blogs complete with stunning screenshots, Shootist2600 discusses the unique topic of character creation and the methods implemented by a number of popular video games.

The Sound Of Video Games
Are video game soundtracks the next big genre about to break into the music industry scene? Probably not, but thanks to Jack, The Quixotic Gamer, you can at least listen to a few to see if you're interested.

Custom GI Avatars
The latest collection of the always popular Game Informer custom avatars is now available, free of charge, courtesy of TurdFurgy. This collection includes some rather unique characters making the list.

Community Reviews:

One More Time
This user review for Final Fantasy XIII-2 by Craigaleg complements the video review blog previously mentioned above, but is so amazing it's worth citing both. This post definitely raises the bar for reviews.

Gory Spectacle Ends Before It Truly Begins
Lots of gamers are talking about the recently released, The Darkness II. This user review submitted by Orochi Assassin LEVON discusses why he awarded the game 8.25 out of 10.

Community Podcasts:

The 4th Floor Season 2 Episode 3
TOGNick, one of the hosts of The 4th Floor, warns this is their most chaotic show yet as two special guests, Enigma and Braden Fox, join the latest show that discusses various topics of interest.

The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 24
All I'm going to say about this podcast is it's controversial and explicit, so listen at your own risk.

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Happy Blogging!

Your friendly neighborhood blogging community (02/06/12 – 02/12/12):
Allen; AndyDwyer; BreadLoser; Bryan M. Stafford; Buddy Acker (2); Chris Mrkvicka; Cody Gilley; cornerstorefacade; Craigaleg; Darth Kill; Delancey The Mad; Destructur25; Di5a5terp13ce (2); Doctor Apozem; Enigma; Ezio9heAssassin; GoldvsSilver (2); Headless97; Hist; ImNickson; indiejones; Jack; Jack, The Quixotic Gamer; Jammin Jones; Jared; Jeph; libertydude; Light Gamebeast23456 (2); luciablee; Marina Saturday (4); markus1142; Matt-boy; Mike (2); mohawkman5; Mray901; Nintendo Fan; Noobtubin8er; Oni no Tenshi; Ownzoir; PonstoryGames (3); reidloS doG; rekoin; Riley; Sheriff Warbuff; Shootist2600 (3); SoD x BTownBomb; Still_Insane22; stormfront; Stranger; StraySkyNight; supersnake; The guy who never really fought Ganon himself...; The Legendary Ewok King; the Mysterious Stranger; thegodofwine7; Thejourneyman66; TOGNick; TurdFurgy; wayoverdue (7); WS-N; ynoT0312Taz; and of course yours truly...Saint.

Video Game Quote of the Week:
"Stick around, I'm full of bad ideas."  – Isaac Clarke, Dead Space 2