Because I heart you all so very much, I have decided to go another extra mile and introduce some new "features". As a whole the formula has not changed, but you will find the new junk at the end.


Custom GI Avatars: February



Kingdom Hearts

If you remember December's set, I had a Halloween Town World Sora. I made this first and slapped on a second coat of paint. Kingdom hearts is one of my favorite series, even though they get repetitive and heavily recycled. If I may put forth a slice of personal philosophy, I think it would be cool as hell if the series adopted Nintendo characters into future games. But I am just a dreaming fan with no influence.



Cave Story

This game, get it. It's all indie and cool and awesome and retro and modern and on Wii and DSi and 3DS and on PC and probably other stuff too.



Gumby, Gumby, Gumby. I don't quite know what to say about Gumby, but if you already know who Gumby is, I probably don't need to say much. 



Boop............... boop............... boop ............... boop ....... doo ........ boop ............... boop ............... boop ...... doo ......... boop ....... doo ........ boop


The Dude

The Big Lebowski

This is another one I made for December's post in which I slapped a Santa hat on him.



Earthworm Jim

Only the early 90's could have produced something as awesome as Earthworm Jim!


Jimmy T.


The incarnate of funky fresh, Jimmy T. is the very definition of cool.  I think we could all learn something from his smooth moves.



The coolest guy on GIO gets the coolest avatar. This monkey with the mojo in his eyes represents everything that was cool in the late 80's.


Forever Alone

Due to the fact that the avatar files being extremely small, I have very little detail to work with. And that has left my forever alone avatar look more like "Forever Alone Because I Killed You".

His eyes are filled with insanity!


Big Daddy


This has to be the most detailed avatar I have ever done.

I have had a lot of requests for him since I started doing these, but lately I've had a lot of them so I figured it was time to tackle him.






Assassin's Creed

Flashback is where I will feature an avatar that I have done in the past that I think deserves a second life.

Looking back at my Altair, I see that his left hand was done pretty poorly. But I may correct that, for I occasionally do redos of some of my avatars.


Guest Avatar



Pirate Gamer Hero Washington

By: Eeyore

Medium: 3DS Notes

Eeyore/Reinerfan/Steve or whatever his name is a bit of a cartoonist. If you have a 3DS I recommend friending him so you can get his awesome Swapnotes!


That's all folks!