Remember Paul Christoforo? Yeah, that Paul Christoforo. Internet pariah, celebrity and punching bag, Ocean Marketing's Paul Christoforo joined us this week for a tell all interview where he gives his side of the story. He talks about everything from his point of view and we drill him even harder than Geoff Keighly did in that ridiculously worthless Spike TV interview. He also takes some time at the end to talk to us about gaming in general and just shoot the *** nit. Forgive the background noise because there is quite a bit of chatter in the background from Paul's family and beware this episode is explicit. (Is that really a surprise?) I seriously don't know how else to promote this episode. Just listen to it. 

Now time for the:

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Building Character by Shootist2600

Dusk Mirage for just being awesome and giving us honest feedback. Keep it coming!

Ok seriously, I hope you guys enjoy the show. It was certainly an interesting episode to record, and hopefully it's as interesting to listen to. 

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