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Blog Herding: Community Edition 10/20/11

by Game Informer Editorial on Oct 20, 2011 at 06:00 AM

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Clearly the hot topic circulating around the blogging arena this week – besides the ongoing debate about downloadable content – is the big revelation that Mass Effect 3 includes a multiplayer component. In other news, congratulations to the video gaming community, including our very own TEAM GIO, for collectively raising over one million dollars to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: October 10 - October 16, 2011
Number of User Blogs: 145
Number of User Bloggers: 77
Number of User Blogs Herded: 12

Upcoming Events:

FragFest Fall 2011 Schedule
With one event down and many more to follow, keep checking eyros2k's page for the latest Frag Fest news and schedule of events. This is a wonderful opportunity to join your fellow GI members online and engage them in battle. To the victor go the spoils – or at least bragging rights.

Community Blogs:

Moving Past The Mindless Meathead
Matthew Fugere has an impressive record of two blogs posted and two blogs herded. In his latest piece, he discusses the evolution of the male hero from meathead to iconic figure.

Writer's Guild Weekly Challenge - Week #1
Whether you're new to Game Informer's blogging community or one of the regulars, join BlackHeartedWolf on his latest community project aimed at growing the GI Writer's Guild.

Batman's Darker Side: The Catwoman DLC And A Gamer's Anger
Some gamers are up in arms over Warner Bros.'s decision requiring those who purchase used copies of Batman: Arkham City to have to pay for the Catwoman content, which is bundled with new versions of the game. LittleBigDaddy raises some valid concerns with this marketing scheme.

Fast vs. Slow Real-Time Strategy Games: The Difference
Unless you're a StarCraft player in South Korea, the Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre might not be your favorite type of game, but this interesting blog by Drym Shyuan dissects the differences in the various mechanics of gameplay.

Games I'd Like To See
Surely all of us at some point have said, "I have an idea for a great video game." In this blog by Vurtax, he posts some of his favorite proposals including a guaranteed hit –Fallout: Route 66.

Gamers Are Getting Spoiled – Buying New Versus Used
EuphoricEnnui challenges the controversial subject of purchasing video games new or used, and surprisingly, he sides with the publishers. Read his thoughts to see why.

Has The Gaming Industry Gotten Too BIG?
This somewhat controversial piece by Pizza Koopa tackles the business practices of developing and publishing video games, how it has evolved over the years, and whether some video game companies are too big and powerful.

Photo-Realistic Quandary
With Square Enix's announcement of its Luminous engine capable of photorealistic graphics, Undertaker Adrian discusses whether this is something we want or even need.

Adrenaline Fueled Drive Through The Golden Gate City
Normally frustrated with the "It was all a dream" plot twist, Warbuff applauds the similar approach taken in Driver: San Francisco and captures the essence of the game in this post.

Dead Island Review
The somewhat contentious Dead Island game is still drawing a lot of attention from the community. This post by jacktheglueman summarizes the game's strong and weak points while discussing the character development element.

Thoughts On Mass Effect 3 Co-Op Multiplayer And DLC Plans
The revelation that Mass Effect 3 would include a multiplayer component traveled through the community faster than Han Solo making the Kessel Run and easily inspired more blogs this week than any other topic. Lancehead summarizes the announcement and includes his thoughts.

Psycho-Biography On Shigeru Miyamoto
This profound blog by MyPersona explores one of the most respected figures in the video game industry, Shigeru Miyamoto, in what the author describes as a psycho-biography. A deep, but entertaining read.

Review Of The Week:

A Quality Game That Almost Lives Up To Expectations
A short but insightful review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution provided by Alex Hanavan, articulating the flair and flaws of the game. He awards the game an 8.50, the same score that Game Informer executive editor Andrew Reiner marked it, and states that it was, "an absolute delight to explore."

Community Podcasts, Vlogs, and More:

The Armchair Gamer Podcast Episode Four
Episode four of the AGP podcast features a few other members from the community as they chat about Batman Arkham City's online pass, Mass Effect 3's online mode and how awesome Superman64 is.

The Indie & Mojo Show: Episode 9
This week indiejones and mojomonkey12 welcome special guest BlackHeartedWolf as they discuss anything and everything from the world of pop culture and even mention video games a time or two. In my opinion, their best show yet. Don't miss it.

Robot In The Corner Podcast: Episode 2-5
The RITC hosts share their thoughts on Season 1 of The Walking Dead, Gears of War 3, and the Netflix Instant Queue Movie Review of Batman Forever.

The 4th Floor Episode 23
TOGNick returns with another rambunctious episode of The 4th Floor. Listen in as he talks about everything from Uncharted, Paranormal Activity, and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Don't forget to send your feedback, recommendations, and community events to my personal Game Informer account located here to ensure this feature continues to provide the content you're eager to read.

Happy Blogging!

Your friendly neighborhood blogging community (October 10 - 16, 2011):
3D Titan (2), AESUPREME1, Agentmaine (2), Apozem (2), benderstrike64, BlackHeartedWolf (2), blaze6106 (7), born4this (2), Bryan M. Stafford, Cody Gilley, Creature of the Wheel, Cru Hunter, DeadManWalking (3), Delancey (3), Derreck, derth44, dragonryder (3), DrJoeystein , Drym Shyuan (2), DStubbs, dude the hedgehog, Elisha Muir, Enigma (3), EuphoricEnnui, firedude3663, Flex (2), Forever_Feral, freak24, Game Over... continue?, Icefire13, Indiejones, jacktheglueman (2), Jekeled (2), Joey, Joshua Weibel, Jspiess, Lancehead (3), LEVON, Libertydude, Light Gamebeast23456 (2), LittleBigDaddy, Matthew Fugere, Max the young true gamer (8), medved626 (2), Meta77, mojomonkey12 (5), Mray901, MyPersona (2), Nick, o_JMan240_o, Oni no Tenshi (3), PaperandPen, PickleMan4258, Pizza Koopa (2), Raizan (4), Robo LoCicero, Romars202129 (3), Sheriff Warbuff, shooterboy23, sk8terguy97 (3), Special Agent eyros2k (2), Spyro Conspiracy Theorist, The Game Store Guy (5), The Insane Cyberking, The Legendary Ewok King, The Midnight Mayor, The Most Interesting Fox in the World (2), The Stranger In Us All, thegodofwine7, TheOpethAffinity,Titus212, Todd, TOGNick, Undertaker Adrian, Vurtax (2), wayoverdue (4), and of course yours truly...Saint.

 Video Game Quote of the Week:
"I watched the stupidity of mankind through the scope of my rifle."  Sniper Wolf, Metal Gear Solid