Unlike my game concept blogs, this is just a time for me to talk about potential sequels or mash ups of ideas that I really wish would happen sooner or later in the video game industry.  So feel free to read my selfish desires and games I can only hope to happen one day sooner or later.



Brink 2


Brink was an ambitious project, and for good reason it drew lots of attention. After all what didn’t sound good about a tactical FPS where your character can us parkour to get across the map at incredibly fluid rate. When you add on the level of gun and character customization you think may have the next big name in multiplayer right?


Let’s say Brink 2 featured a whole slew of game types consisting of both your arena-style shooting like team death match and your tactical game types to separate those who those just want to shoot stuff from those who want to work as a team. Throw in an actual campaign experience and not just slap on cut scenes to multiplayer matches and you might have something.


But what about the promise of blending single player and multiplayer? Well here’s how one can go about that. 


A campaign match boasts 4 people on the good side and 8 others thrown against them. Through the mission the team of 8 fights alongside enemy AI to try and stop the squad of 4. The Squad of 4 is much stronger than the enemy however they have no backup lives and (thereby having to assist one another) and they get much less experience per kill. This is vice versa with the other side as they get a pool of lives per-spawn point, they’re considerably weaker but can earn hefty amounts of experience by dropping someone on the team of 4. But that's just a rough idea. 


Anyway there's more...



Warcraft The RPG (MMO's in General) 


Kingdoms of Amalur is an upcoming MMORPG by 38 studios, and unless you’re no fan of RPG’s you might’ve noticed they’re bringing attention to their game by investing in a standalone RPG “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” which looks fantastic. So what if the other names in the MMO genre took the time to create their own standalone RPG experience? I would love to see more open world RPGs that take place in the universes of Warcraft, Rift, Aion (especially, the game looks so visually distinctive), Guild Wars, Everquest, even Runescape would be interesting.




Fallout: Route 66


From the capital wasteland to the Mojave desert, players have traveled the post-apocalyptic setting in the massive RPG we know and love as Fallout. With such Iconic locations as D.C. and the Vegas strip added to the wall of postcards. Where next? 


While the name of this iteration might be titled Route 66, this isn’t just a long skinny map following the iconic road. The area you explore in this game is Chicago, the Com Ed Nuclear Power plant and of course Route 66 itself. As someone who was born and spent the first 6 years living on the route (Gardener and Dwight, Illinois) it really brings back some memories and it is a significant part of the U.S.’s history. Perhaps in the Fallout universe, Route 66 was never overshadowed by Interstate 55 running right along it.


So who’s with me on a tour through the radioactive windy city?



Lost Planet 3


Unless you’ve never read a blog of mine, you probably have noticed that I am a fan of Lost Planet 2. Lost Planet 2 was a killer co-op experience that you had to play the game a second time to realize it’s greatness.


If Lost Planet 3 ever gets made, Capcom should make sure it features drop-in drop-out co-op like Borderlands or Dead Island. Waiting to join matches that are already in session are a hassle and the ability to slip in during a campaign anytime would make a huge difference to the longevity and strength of the online community (people are still playing though last time I checked).


Improvements to the game play (like embracing the fact that it’s a running-gun third person shooter) and shortening damage animations and what not would help too. And less human enemy encounters, Akrid are more fun to kill. So basic improvements like extending the distance the grappling hook works, increasing player running speed, shorten down animation times substantially. And maybe an actual plot would help.



Star Wars Battlefront III (With an addition)


Everything Matt Miller said back in his wish list applies here.


HOWEVER! I’d like to add that they should also include The Old Republic universe, it’s honestly far more interesting than the one George Lucas refuses to stop tinkering with. 



OR… Halo Battlefront 


Everything you’d come to expect in a Battlefront game (vehicles, tons of enemies, intense combat) but taking place in the Halo universe with first-person-shooting being the focus rather than third person. The Halo fiction is filled with stories of large-scale warfare in both Space and on the ground where the Covenant prefer methods of conquest similar to olden days while the UNSC used modern-miltary tactics usually giving them the edge until the Covenant fled back to their ships and glassed from Orbit. I would love to see these kind of matches depicted in large – and I mean large – scale warfare. But this could work in a lot of sci-fi games as well. I'd be almost just as happy playing a Battlefront Style game about the Warhammer 40k Universe.


Now for the last one…



The Elder Scrolls: Equestria


It would have nothing to do with the actual Elder Scrolls universe but the design philosophy would basically be TES set in the 4th generation My Little Pony universe. You choose between three races: Earth Pony, Pegasi, and Unicorn and set out into the magical land of Equestria doing hundreds of side quests, exploring the Everfree forest, and saving up to buy expensive armor for your Mare or Stallion. Along the way you meet the gang from the show and much more. Now I can only wish Todd Howard is a brony and Hasbro is interested.


That’ll never happen… but I can dream can’t I?



Anyway that's some of my games I wish would happen. Have any yourself and are mine any good?