Dead Island is a game that tries too hard on the things that weakened the game, and ignored some of the more enjoyable parts of the game. However, something I think Dead Island did exceptionally well was the opening video. As a person is slowly morphing into a zombie he walks throughout a concert as one of the four characters, Sammy B, raps his song 'Who Do You Voodoo?'  As this person stumbles on through the dark concert room you run into each of the characters and get a little information on who they are. The washed-up football star explains to you that he won a championship, Sammy B pushes the sick man off stage. (This is all in First person mind you) And then it brings you up to the menu of the game. This video really sets the tone for the characters.

 Every single one of them are basically failures in their former life. Sammy B was a one-hit wonder, Logan Carter had one good season of football and then it ended, Purna was kicked off the police force when she tried to do the right thing, and Xian was a undercover police officer who was under twenty-four hour surveillance by the hotel. Basically failures. Other than that there isn't much said about the character you spend fifty hours roleplaying.  

With the weak characters I felt the game was fueled by the constant side quests you found on your way from story objective to story objective. Things like finding lost teddy bears, or killing a stranger's loved one because they were turned and they can't do what you seem to do flawlessly. My only complaint with the side quests was that they became extremely repetitive. While they could be fun and some of them extremely rewarding, most of them were 'run here, do get this and bring it back.'

The only part of the game I was truly impressed with was the stamina meter of the game. When you run, you lose stamina, when you slash your weapon, you lose your stamina, and when you jump you lose stamina. At first this isn't that bad but the more move inland, the more zombies appear. At this point you don't pull a blitz on these suckers...instead you run for your life and pray to the zombie god's that when you turn the corner a larger, scarier stronger zombie isn't standing there.

 I saved the storyline to talk about last, not because it's the best part but because it's the worst part. When finishing the game I tweeted...

Throughout playing I kept trying to find things that were similar to borderlands. On the surface they do follow the same line of gameplay there is a big difference, the one that I explained in the first sentence of this review. When playing Borderlands it's no secret that the Borderlands story is weak, but that's okay, GearBox wasn't trying to make me love and feel bad for the characters. Dead Island on the other hand had these cutscenes that wanted me to be involved and engrossed in the storyline. The weak moment in this is that the cutscenes were the only place that the storyline took place. A lot of the story was implied and but wasn't executed in the best way possible.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my time on Dead Island. There are some great things in the game like the side quests and stamina bar but they didn't put their extra time in to these things. Instead they seemed to try and work on a storyline that wasn't needed. If they developers had pushed the release forward to the July/August months I would've suggested it to a friend so they could be held over until October/November. At this point though unless you have some mad craving for zombies, just wait for something that comes out in a few weeks.

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