Hello GIO,

It's me, TOGNick, and I'm bringing you another rambunctious episode of The 4th Floor. Which you can find links to all manners to listen here. You guys want to know a secret.  I beat Uncharted this week, and I provide a review.  If you've been paying attention to the news, and no I'm not talking about the news on GIO, I'm talking the boring stuff, then you've heard of Occupy Wall Street.  We discuss our stance on the issue.  Here's a hint my Hero Image is Stephen Colbert.  

Next week we interview MC Lars.  We want you to ask some questions.  Leave your questions in the comment section below and we'll ask as many as we can with our 15 minutes of time.  

Well as is customary with this lovely show, we have our weekly features.  Our Top Ten List Extravanganza (working title) is Top Ten Zombie Movies.  It was a hard list to come up with, but we figured it out.  Our Movie of The Week is not randomly chosen this week, as they won't all month, is Paranormal Activity.  I might not be scared of zombie movies, but this is a terrifying movie.  Just make sure to watch it in the dark with a big TV and good sound system.

Well GIO, I'm proud to announce that I've joined your Team for extra-life.org.  As such our Charity of the Month is the Children's Miracle Network.  This a chance to get directly involved and help out our Charity of the Month, so please donate as much as you can, even 1 dollar at a time helps.

Music this week comes from Johnny Cash and his song "The Man Comes Around" MC Lars and his song "Mr. Raven" and Mazedude over at ocremix.org and his remix "Doom 2 Blood Bath."

Also for those who live in the DC, MD, VA region.  We're giving away 2 sets of Six Flags America Tickets this week.  Listen to the show for details, we outline them fairly quickly. Explicit Content