Okay, obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone. This really just applies to those gamers who want to buy used and then complain when they have to pay a little extra to unlock the full content.


You know what? I’m calling you out.


Seriously, this argument about how publishers are screwing over gamers with these unlocking codes and whatnot is just flat out silly. The way I see it, if you can’t afford to buy the game new, then maybe you should be putting your money into something else. SAVE UP. Quit giving into every little impulse that you have and just save up for a little while. So what if a new game just released and you want to get in on the action as fast as you can? What are you, five?


You guys want to complain about how it “isn’t fair” and anytime someone brings up the counterpoint that developers get pretty much nothing from used game sales, you want to scoff. “So what? What about me? Wah wah wah…” Show some respect and give credit where the credit is due. The developers of that game you’re just DYING to have put a lot of time and energy into making it for you and you want to cut corners and then whine about it?


Honestly, do people not see how childish that is?


What I find especially tragic though, is that these same people will complain about how businesses like Gamestop are making all of this money off of used game sales at the same time. They acknowledge that  they (as well as developers) are getting ripped off, and then do it anyway to “save” ten or fifteen extra bucks. You know, there is an easy way to fix that problem…just BUY NEW. That way the developers are actually getting what they deserve and you’re not helping to support the “big bad corporation.”


“EE, you’re talking out of your butt. Video gaming is an expensive hobby. You can’t expect me to buy every new game I want completely brand new altogether. It’s not practical!!!”


You know what else isn’t practical? Buying every game you want in the first place, whether it's new or used. Show of hands…how many of us have even FINISHED all of the games we have in our collection? The fact of the matter is, a LOT of us out there buy a game in a rush of excitement even though we’re currently busy with another one as it is and just say “Oh, I’ll play it later.”


Instead of buying games like that, just buy them one at a time, or even two at a time if you can afford it. But what this all boils down to is showing some self control. How many games can you even play at once? What was that? OH…did you say just ONE? Really now… Think about it real hard. By the time you might have finished playing that one game you bought, the other one you really wanted might have gone down in price at that point. Even if it didn’t, the time you take to play through that game might be enough time for you to save up enough money yet again to get that next game.


Look, I want Mass Effect 3, Arkham City (speaking of...have you seen the review?!?!?! Torture Dx), and every other game pretty much coming out in the near future. But they are ultimately just wants. Prioritize your spending; realize that you can only play one game at a time anyway.


Feel free to discuss the matter if you want. However, I will say that I am pretty much convinced one of the biggest factors to all these complaints about buying used is largely attributed to a lack of self control though. It’s sad, but not necessarily surprising given the current state of society. We are told it’s okay to give into every impulse we might have. Showing any form of self-discipline is boring, you have a credit card for a reason, etc. And if your argument falls anywhere along those lines (I sincerely hope you can come up with better than that), I honestly won’t even entertain it with a response. I don’t get into discussion with children, regardless of their age.


Remember, you can only play one game at a time gang




P.S. This blog probably needs a bit of revising but it's a rush job because I'm doing it in between grading papers and stuff x_x Sorries