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  • FragFest 2.0 Is Now Live!

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    FragFest Challenges are the backbone of the new format. Challenges are hand picked, game specific feats that, like achievements or trophies, consist of: A short title, criteria for completion and a payout value. Not all, but the vast majority of Challenges will require you to be with at least one other GIO member and to submit a form of reviewable proof of completion, i.e. screenshots, video, camera phone shots of your screen, etc.


    Game Informer Online FragFest 2.0 is officially LIVE! Head inside for all the details on the new structure and the complete June lineup of highlighted games and Challenges. We're still looking for additional group moderators, as well as any/all community feedback, especially Challenge suggestions!

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  • Diablo III: Call to Arms / FragFest Challenge Test Run

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    Diablo III  has been a long time coming... arguably too long. Considering the impact Diablo II had on not just a generation of gamers but the gaming landscape at large, the collective anticipation for this release - at least within the Game Informer community - just seems... incredibly lacking.


    To arms! This weekend the Diablo III beta is going public, meaning anyone can download it to give the game a try. This seemed like a good a time as any to do a test run of the new FragFest Challenges as well so... be sure and check this post out!

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  • Game Informer Online FragFest 2012: You don't want to miss this one...

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    The blog below was drafted on January 29th, but was never published. This is my grand vision of the future for FragFest, but I had some second thoughts on the eve of making this announcement.

    In the weeks that followed I took an extended break from not just GI, but life in general. Critical perspective was gained over a short span of time, but I've been back on GIO for some time now, and since returning FragFest has remained on the back burner. I still have a desire to make this plan or some derivative of it a reality... but what I need before moving forward, is feedback.

    Please read on, provide feedback and let's find a way to reboot FragFest together.

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  • FragFest Fall 2011 Event Schedule (Defunct)

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    It's the most, won-der-ful tiiime, of, the year! No it's not the holiday season yet, but it is the season we see all the huge blockbuster games release... and I feel it's safe to say every last person on this site is excited for at least one title from the weeks of late-September through mid-November... so to you ladies and gentlemen I say on behalf of the FragFest group, hope to see you online!


    Come together with your fellow GIO members for some multiplayer madness on some of the years most highly anticipated titles. Check inside for all the details on our planned weekend events for Forza 4, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3, Assassin's Creed Revelations and Saints Row: The Third as well as midnight launch parties for both BF3 and MW3. Get in on the festivities, reserve your slot today!

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  • A Public Service Announcement: The Diablo Franchise and You!

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    The front page poll on here site here at the time of this writing is on the topic of Diablo III's delayed release announcement. Now, I didn't see this until 3 days after it's original post date, but that was enough time for some 790 votes to be cast... and this is what I saw.


    Have you played Diablo II? Are you excited for Diablo III? If you answered no to either of these questions... we need to talk.

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  • FragFest Doubleheader Weekend! TWO Events THIS Friday and Saturday!


    *Important note: All items in orange text must be read with a monster-truck rally advertisement voice*



    Two days - TWO MASSIVE EVENTS! Get the details on the double-header the FragFest group has planned for this weekend inside!

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  • My Time at Call of Duty XP: Picture and Video Wrap-up!

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    Top left: Girls manage to look cute while rigged up...


    Call of Duty XP has come and gone... the huge reveal of MW3 multiplayer, details on the premium Elite service and all kinds of partnerships were shown. Check out some of the photos of my time at the event, and let's discuss some of what was announced!

    Disclaimer: This blog was edited from my "prelude" post I made the day before the event - so the first 9 user comments and 120 views or so are from that.

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  • FragFest 7: Tomorrow! Saturday the 27th! (and news on upcoming special events)

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    Greetings GIO, please lend me your attention for just a moment this evening - or morning or afternoon, whenever you may be reading - as I speak on behalf of the FragFest group (if you're unfamiliar with the events or the group, check out the FAQ page) to share the info for the main event of this month, as well as the dates for some special events planned for the coming weeks.


    This blog post covers all of the recent developments within the GIO FragFest group, and details the event info for FragFest 7 as well as the special events planned for the big releases in the coming months...

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  • On the Record with eyros2k: Series Introduction

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    I'm going to cut to the chase here: I think I have finally thought of a suitable platform in which to carry out some of my ideas for blogs... it's a bit unorthodox for a blog, and I worry this may draw some negative response in it's early stages, but here's the details...


    I have always had a problem with getting my blogs published... I formulate the ideas, but generally lack the extended time in a controlled environment needed to bring my thought process full circle... but I think I may have found a solution. This post requires feedback from the GIO blogging community, so please, stop in and share your thoughts.

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  • Overwhelming Awesomeness: How Is One To Choose?

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    We know what to expect by now... it's the same every year after all. September, October and most of all November are all crammed full of highly anticipated release dates. Not just any old titles either, these are the games you have been waiting... possibly years for. This is the time of year publishers pull out all their aces. But... how does one choose when there are so many viable options? Let's discuss, shall we?

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  • Buying Tickets For Extremely Popular Events Online? +100 Anxiety (Subtitle: I'm going to CoD XP :D)

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    Generalities Have you ever attempted purchasing tickets online for something you know sells out in a matter of seconds (Blizzcon for example sells tickets in batches of 5000 which sell out in under 10 seconds)? Speaking for myself I find it to be quite... More
  • Game Informer Online Community Event: FragFest 5

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    XBOX 360

    Attendance is looking good! overwhelming x.x! Special thanks to born4this for the banner you see above To sign up, click here Note: It's 3x XP on Killzone 3 this weekend! Current list of attendees XBOX 360 Group Leader - Warbuff - GT: Warbuff6644... More
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